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Election Apocalypse Guide

Citizen tips to empower yourself in Trump’s America (no matter how you feel about the election)

Support Civil Rights

Donate to the ACLU to protect our civil liberties

Support LGBTQ Rights

Support the Human Rights Campaign

Help Refugees

Support Penn's International Refugee Assistance Project

Support Asian-Americans

Join 18 Million Rising's efforts to get Asian-Americans politically organized

Protect oppressed minorities

Support theSouthern Poverty Law Center

Fight Anti-Semitism

Support the Anti-Defamation League

Help PA's low-wage workers

Support Friends of Farmworkers

Help resettle immigrants and refugees

Support the Nationalities Service Center

Ranked Choice Voting

Support the election reform that could have stopped Trump


Volunteer to babysit so parents and volunteers can engage in community events

Support Run For America

the nonprofit that encourages people to run for office


Be matched through Idealist with volunteer opportunities that match your skills

Run for Office

Learn what it takes from the Committee of 70

Register to vote

Register yourself or others online

Bring Civics Into Schools

Give our schools the tools to teach civics

Help Your School

Volunteer at your local school, and other ways to help

Attend City Council

Because local government matters

Protect Women's Rights

Support the Women's Law Project

Worried About Cuts to Planned Parenthood?

Support women's reproductive health

Help LGBTQ Youth

Support the Trevor Project, a 24-hour crisis line

Protect Voting Rights

Help the NAACP fight voter suppression

Protect the Earth

Support the Natural Resource Defense Counsel

Help the Homeless

Our Do Something guide has lots of ways to help

Promote Early Childhood Education

Support PCCY's efforts to improve early childhood education

Use Social Media for Good

Use your voice to spread accurate info, both positive and negative, about issues


Vote in every election, even primaries, even odd-years

DON'T go to Canada

We need your help right here in the good ol' USA

Put More Women in Congress

Find out how to help at She Should Run

Protect the Disabled

Donate or Volunteer to Legal Clinic for the Disabled

Protect Independent Media

Support the Committee to Protect Journalists

Call your Electeds

Contact them about the issues that are important to you



Reading List

A better-informed citizen is a better citizen.  Here are some books to get you started:

The Unwinding: An Inner History of the New America

A New Yorker writer's narrative dissects the forces that fed Trumpism

Deeply Divided: Racial Politics and Social Movements in Post-War America

A history of how social movements—and their backlash—shaped America from the Great Depression to the present

The New Normal

The father of Communitarianism on the societal need to strike a balance between individual rights and the common good

Listen, Liberal

The author of What's The Matter With Kansas? on how liberals have lost their way

Coming Apart: The State of White America, 1960-2010

Focusing on an affluent Boston suburb and our very own Kensington, Murray captures the class divide that culminated in votes for Donald Trump.

Compiled by Todd Snider, Gillian McGoldrick, Saurav Upadhyay, Natalia Sanchez-Nigolian, and Jacob Kind