Ideas We Should Steal: Use Free Money to Build a Thriving Green Economy

El Paso, TX is poised to take full economic advantage of the global energy transition, thanks to a Green Business Initiative.

By Bruce Katz and Victoria Orozco

The New Urban Order: The Dynamically Priced City

Charging real-time, demand-based surge and discount pricing works for Uber and Amtrak. Could it work for other Philly services?

By Diana Lind

WATCH: Sue Jacobson on Going For It

The businesswoman and former Chamber of Commerce board chair won the Chamber’s prestigious Paradigm Award for women last month. Her speech is a font of leadership wisdom we should all heed

By Roxanne Patel Shepelavy

What North Philly Teaches Us About Anti-Displacement

Drexel’s Metro Finance Head and other partners have spent the last year building a strategy to keep eight Latino neighborhoods intact while attracting the right kind of investment. Here’s how they did it

By Bruce Katz

How to Make the I-95 Detour Not Suck (As Much) (Again)

Traffic is gonna be bad for a while. Here’s help making your way up and down the interstate more tolerable — and maybe even … fun?

By The Philadelphia Citizen Staff

Winning the Decade

Drexel’s Metro Finance head talks to Greater St. Louis CEO about how the Missouri city turned pandemic tragedy into urban prosperity. Hint: It’s all about jobs

By Bruce Katz

Listen: Show Me The Money!

The newest episode of our How to Really Run a City podcast finds the mayors exploring the power of investing in Black and Brown entrepreneurs with evangelist for inclusive growth Della Clark and Michele Lawrence of JP Morgan Chase

By Larry Platt

Gaming for Good

Philly is at the forefront of a rapidly growing, remarkably diverse community of gaming enthusiasts. It’s welcoming to all — and deeply, wonderfully weird.

By Christina Griffith