The Urban Wealth Fund Solution

Drexel’s Metro Finance head with an idea we should steal from Tulsa, Oklahoma: An economic opportunity office that merges regional authorities to invest in inner-city community development

By Bruce Katz, Kian Kamas and Luise Noring

Business for Good: Simply Good Jars

With a star turn on Shark Tank and big expansion plans, Jared Cannon’s local salad purveyor is seeing all kinds of green

By Courtney DuChene

How Philly Should Use Biden’s Relief Funds

As Drexel’s Metro Finance head told City Council last week, City Hall must prioritize growth that benefits all. Here, four takeaways from the testimony

By Bruce Katz, Colin Higgins, Karyn Bruggerman and Victoria Orozco

Business for Good: Back to the Future With Ryan Spak

The West Philly resident is executing his vision of responsible development through the company he owns with his mom—while throwing in a side of Concrete Cowboy Hollywood dreams

By Jessica Blatt Press

The Virus and the City: A Tool for Equitable Recovery

Drexel’s Metro Finance Lab and Accelerator for America offer a roadmap to help cities grow minority- and women-owned businesses. Are you paying attention, Philly?

By Bruce Katz, Victoria Orozco, Colin Higgins and Aaron Thomas

How Fast Will Philly’s Budget Recover From Covid?

The federal recovery act and some projections indicate it could be faster than expected. But, Philly 3.0’s engagement editor notes, the news isn’t all good

By Jon Geeting

Citizen Mystery Shopper (Part 16)

What happened when we tried to pay taxes to the Philadelphia Department of Revenue

How to Get Free Tax Preparation

You don’t have to spend your hard-earned dough on an overpriced tax-prep service. Instead, follow these tips to file on the cheap.

By Nick Fiorellini