Your City Defined: Primary Elections

Why we have them, why they are the way they are — and how they might change to allow more people to vote in Pennsylvania

By J.P. Romney

Guest Commentary: A Democracy Agenda for Philadelphia

Mayoral and Council candidates must vow to strengthen our local democracy — and make sure government works for the people. Committee of Seventy’s chief policy officer lays out with what they should do

By Pat Christmas

Citizen Events Year In Review

We painted a mural and threw a party to celebrate. We invited a spectrum of American leaders who are working to fix our democracy, our media, our city government, and our city.

By Lauren McCutcheon

Listen: Ali Velshi on Zelensky’s Appeal to U.S. History

The Ukrainian president likened the situation in his country to two battles fought by Americans. MSNBC Host and Citizen Board Member Ali Velshi explains that both of these were turning points against an autocratic regime

By Ali Velshi

George Santos Needed a Better Job Interview

A longtime university president laments that lying has become normative in American politics — and thinks The Philadelphia Citizen has an idea to change it

By Elaine Maimon

Ideas We Should Steal 2022 Recap: What We Learned at the Ideas We Should Steal Festival

Our 5th annual festival last week featured luminaries in the arts, politics, media and justice. Here, some solutions we should adopt

By Lauren McCutcheon and Roxanne Patel Shepelavy

Ideas We Should Steal Festival 2022: Saving Democracy with Andrew Yang

The former presidential candidate talks with WashPo’s Jennifer Rubin, former RNC Chair Michael Steele and MSNBC’s Ali Velshi at our Ideas We Should Steal Festival Thursday

By Roxanne Patel Shepelavy

Vote for School Boards That Protect Democracy

A long-time college president sees a cautionary tale in the recent Pennridge (Bucks County) school board vote to scale back social studies

By Elaine Maimon