Mystery Shopper: Registering to Vote for the First Time

Our city-dwelling, non-driving Mystery Shopper turned 18 a few months before the election. Why was it so hard to register to vote?

By Citizen Mystery Shopper

Mystery Shopper: Clawing Out of Philly Taxpayer Hell

The most-taxed big city in America claimed our Mystery Shopper owed more than $30,000 in unpaid business taxes that were already paid. Cue long wait times. Ineptitude. Mounting accountant’s bills. Confusion. Collections … and more

By Citizen Mystery Shopper

Mystery Shopper: ChatGPT, Can You Help Me … Vote?

A recent study found AI platforms to be 51 percent inaccurate when it comes to voting and election info. In the latest installment of our Mystery Shopper series, a Citizen voter tries to see if the AI tech can be helpful after all.

By Citizen Mystery Shopper

Mystery Shopper: Being a Poll Worker in Philadelphia

Wondering what it’s like to be a poll worker for an election in Philadelphia? In the latest installment of our Mystery Shopper column, a local student shares his experience.

Mystery Shopper: Recovering a Stolen Kia (Screw You, Kia Boyz)

An East Kensington resident was a victim of the “Kia Boyz” car theft trend. Here’s what happened when they tried to get their car back

Mystery Shopper: “Curing” a Ballot at City Hall

One of the 3,400 Philadelphians whose ballots got rejected goes to City Hall to get it replaced. Here’s how that goes.

Mystery Shopper: Getting flood prevention help from the City

A City program is supposed to give free plumbing upgrades to homeowners who experience flooding. But after city sewage pours into a basement, just how hard is it to get the Water Department to install a flood prevention device?

Mystery Shopper: Reporting Illegal Dumping in Philadelphia

Our mystery shopper tried to get just one of the dozens of ugly trash heaps cleared away from their North Philly neighborhood. Here's how well—or not—it went.