Ideas We Should Steal: Wage Boosts for Local Workers

A first-of-its kind program in Scranton is using federal rescue money to help small businesses give their employees a pay raise. Could a similar plan help residents and businesses thrive in Philly?

By Natalie Pompilio

Ideas We Should Steal: Vote Like Minneapolitans

Only 27 percent of voters cast a ballot in Philly’s mayoral primary last week. Here’s what we can learn from the midwest city — known for high levels of civic engagement — that recently set a turnout record

By Greta Kaul

Ideas We Should Steal: Mayor’s Youth Climate Action Council

In L.A. and other cities, young people influence local climate policy and enact climate fixes — while learning what it means to be an engaged citizen. It’s time Philly joins the movement

By Courtney DuChene

Ideas We Should Steal: Chief Heat Officer

At least seven cities worldwide have officials solely focused on mitigating rising heat. An event at Penn this week will lay out why that could help Philadelphia’s most vulnerable

By Diana Lind

Ideas We Should Steal: Youth Restorative Justice For All Students

The School District’s diversion program for low-level offenders is a national model that has kept kids in school and out of jail. Could a version of San Francisco’s Make it Right program reach even more youth?

By Aly Kerrigan

Ideas We Should Steal: An Everything Transportation App

It is unnecessarily hard to figure out the best public transit route to get around the Philly area — one reason people default to driving. Can we take a lesson from Berlin?

By J.P. Romney

Ideas Mayoral Candidates Should Steal

Many of those running for mayor call themselves change agents. But 13 weeks from Election Day, where are the innovative plans that could alter the direction of the city?

By Larry Platt

Ideas We Should Steal: A History in Two Monuments

Now that South Philly’s Columbus Statue has been unboxed, can we find a healthier way to grapple with our monument issues, as they’ve done in Franklin, Tennessee?

By Christine Speer Lejeune