Ideas We Should Steal: Finding Families for Foster Kids

State law requires that caseworkers place children who were removed from their parents with kin—but Philly lags behind Los Angeles and Lackawanna County in getting the job done.

By Steve Volk

A Groundbreaking Jobs Plan …in St. Louis

In a case study Philly can learn from, the head of Drexel’s Nowak Metro Finance Lab examines an ambitious plan from civic and business leaders to turn around the iconic midwestern city

By Bruce Katz and Jessica A. Lee

Ideas We Should Steal: Rewards for shopping local

In Akron and elsewhere, city governments are rewarding shoppers for spending money at mom-and-pop shops. Why shouldn’t Philly do the same?

By Jessica Blatt Press

Ideas We Should Steal: Reason to Run

An Oregon-based prison running program is helping incarcerated women with their mental and physical health, while giving them tools that discourage recidivism. Could it do the same in Philly?

By Chaundra Furin-Campbell

Ideas We Should Steal: Vax to Win

Want to boost Covid vaccination rates in Philly? We should take a cue from any number of state and local governments around the country—Free cars! Savings bonds! A million bucks!!— and incentivize that shot

By Christine Speer Lejeune

Ideas We Should Steal: Protection for Asian Americans

In Philly, as in the country as a whole, anti-Asian hate crimes are on the rise. An all-volunteer chaperone service in Oakland, California, is doing its part to protect the community

By William Keo

Ideas We Should Steal: Reduce Gun Violence Through Better Policing

While murder and shootings have spiked in Philly and elsewhere, both Camden and Newark have made progress in reducing gun violence by adopting smart policing techniques. Why don’t we do what they’ve done?

By Roxanne Patel Shepelavy

Philly Under Fire Episode 3: “Get in Front of the Beef”

Episode three of The Philadelphia Citizen’s podcast exploring stories and solutions from the front lines of Philly’s gun violence epidemic takes us to cities that have successfully cut shootings—and to a local program that’s intervening in real time

By Jo Piazza