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Video: Richard Vague on What Voters Really Want

The local businessman, who may run for president, talks to Michael Smerconish about time he spent talking to real Americans. What he learned may surprise you

Among the flurry of presidential campaign announcements since the year started has been the tentative rumblings of our Philly businessman/philanthropist, Richard Vague, a thinker and doer whose entry into the race would inject some much-needed real ideas into our politics.

Vague, who hasn’t officially thrown his hat in the ring yet, spent last year conducting focus groups in six battleground states to learn what real Americans actually care about. Over the weekend, he talked to CNN’s Michael Smerconish about what he heard. Hint: It’s not a border wall, or Russia.

“The single most important thing to middle class voters,” Vague said, “was their existing health care insurance plan. And this was true whether they were Republicans, or Democrats, or Independents.”

See the full interview here:

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