Three Quick Wins for Cherelle Parker

Here’s how our new mayor can make friends with her constituents right quick

By Roxanne Patel Shepelavy

Memo to Madam Mayor: First, Kill All the Pilots

Philadelphia government is in love with pilot programs. With a $6.2 billion budget, how about making the tough decisions to deploy what works citywide?

By Larry Platt

Memo to Madam Mayor: Clean Up Philly

“Ya Fav” Trashman urges Mayor-elect Cherelle Parker to do something unprecedented when she takes office in January: Seriously take on litter

By Terrill Haigler

Memo to Madam Mayor: Collaboration is Key To Philly’s Future

The heads of the Chamber and United Way urge Mayor-elect Parker to share responsibility for Philly’s growth with business, philanthropic and public leaders

By Chellie Cameron and Bill Golderer

Memo To Madam Mayor: More Out-of-School Programs for Philly Kids

Greater Philadelphia Extracurricular Collaborative suggests Philadelphia’s next leader look to successful OST programs in Los Angeles and Boston — and engage a qualified local partner to build a legacy of caring for our students

By Laura Johnson Beth Devine and Shira Hodges

Memo To Madam Mayor: Clean and Green. For Real.

In the next in a series of policy recommendations for presumptive Mayor-elect Cherelle Parker, a local environmental activist makes a plea for the planet — and Philadelphians who live on it

By Karen Melton

Memo to Madam Mayor: Strengthen Bonds Among Museums

In the next in a series of political and policy advice to presumptive Mayor-elect Cherelle Parker, the National Liberty Museum CEO calls for deeper investment in the city’s cultural institutions — a driver of democracy for all Philadelphians

By Alaine Arnott

Memo to Madam Mayor: Forgive Medical Debt, Grow the Economy

Washington, D.C. and Pittsburgh are doing it. You want to create a pathway to the middle class? Forget student loans. Medical debt is where it’s at

By Larry Platt