Fun Things to Do in Philly this Weekend (and Week)

Block parties in Bella Vista and Midtown Village. Kayaking on the Schuylkill. So much going on, on South Street

By Lauren McCutcheon and Christina Griffith

The Citizen Recommends: Frankford Day and Night Market

Frankford native Eugene “Buddha” Thomas carries on a neighborhood tradition this weekend — and everyone’s invited.

By Abigail Chang

Big Rube’s Philly: A Manayunk Mainstay

In the first of a new series, the legendary photographer and chef stops in at Sorrentino’s, a 40-year-old institution that is the "heartbeat of the neighborhood."

By Reuben Harley

The Philly-est Outdoor Dining in Philadelphia

Follow our guide to outdoor dining in Philly to discover spots around town for delicious food and drink in gardens, on tucked-away patios and other Insta-worthy surrounds

By The Philadelphia Citizen Staff

Beer Gardens (and Other Outdoor Drinking Spots) in Philadelphia

Pop-ups and other seasonal spots in Philly to have cocktails, wine, beer, mocktails and a nosh or two out of doors

By Lauren McCutcheon

Philly Has the Best Food. This is Not an Op-ed

Philadelphia restaurants dominated the James Beard Awards. But, let’s be clear: Our elite food scene stands on the shoulders of Philly’s unequaled papi stores and other family-run, internationally-rooted food operations

By Abigail Chang

Character Lab: Setting The Table — For Success

The latest installment in our partnership with Character Lab, co-founded by MacArthur Award-winner Angela Duckworth, highlights a study that found one solution to encouraging kids to eat healthy foods. Could the secret to positive decision-making at the dinner table — and beyond — lie in human connection?

By Ralph Hertwig

How to Make the I-95 Detour Not Suck (As Much)

Traffic is gonna be bad for a while. Here’s help making your way up and down the interstate more tolerable — and maybe even … fun?

By The Philadelphia Citizen Staff