How to turn “almost-alums” into college grads

Small fees and outsized loans keep many students from graduating. A long-time university president urges colleges to find and support those almost-alums — and those who are still at school

By Elaine Maimon

Generation Change Philly: The College Funding Crusader

Laura Keane has dedicated her career to closing the gap between being accepted to college, and being a college graduate

By Christina Griffith

Guest Commentary: Pre-K Polling Needs Improvement

A Greater Philadelphia last week released poll data about the City’s sweetened beverage tax that showed residents divided. Here, the City’s first Pre-K director refutes the premise and results of the survey

By Anne Gemmell

Ideas We Should Steal: Raising School Funds through Solar Power

In Batesville, Arkansas, a high school’s solar panels saved the district enough money to raise teacher salaries. A similar program in Philly could save as much as $20,000 per school

By Christina Griffith

Ideas We Should Steal: Make College More Affordable

A longtime college president urges Pennsylvania to learn from states like Illinois and Louisiana, which are increasing college attendance by requiring high schoolers to submit a free student aid application

By Elaine Maimon

Guest Commentary: Gov. Wolf Should Pick the Side of Students

Boys’ Latin’s co-founder blasts Tom Wolf for imposing new rules on charter schools that will keep thousands of students from the schools of their choice

By David P. Hardy

How Philly Sees Philly: Parents Want Better Schools

The newest data from A Greater Philadelphia finds overwhelming dissatisfaction with Philly schools. Are you listening (new) Superintendent Watlington?

By Roxanne Patel Shepelavy

Ideas We Should Steal: Fully Paid Teacher Sabbaticals

The U.K. is giving some teachers a paid year off in the hopes that it will help keep them in their jobs. Could that solve Philly’s teacher retention problem too?

By Quinn O'Callaghan