What Shapiro Got Right on College Degrees

The new governor eliminated the requirement of a four-year degree for most jobs in state government. A longtime university president explains why she applauds the decision

By Elaine Maimon

Guest Commentary: Act Now to Support Public Access TV

A teacher of technology to seniors discovered a new way to reach those in need through PhillyCAM, our city’s public access station, whose funding is being negotiated now. Here’s how you can keep it going

By Wayne Hunter

Guest Commentary: Six Ways Schools Can Better Serve Students

The heads of two local youth organizations asked students what they needed to feel safe and well-served in schools. Here, some solutions to fix what ails the system

By Darryl Bundrige and Donna Cooper

Citizens of the Week: Brent Johnstone and Akeiff Staples

We’ve all heard the research: Early literacy is critical to success. Two fathers do their part to help Philadelphia’s early learners develop a lifelong love of reading — and of themselves

By Johann Calhoun

Guest Commentary: We Need Fact Over Fiction in Education

Yes, teachers are underpaid, a longtime schools advocate says in response to a Citizen column about education funding. But that’s not the fault of charters

By Mark Gleason

Guest Commentary: We Can Prioritize Increasing the Teacher Pipeline and Educating our Students

It’s possible to give middle schoolers extracurricular access to educational opportunities and train BIPOC college students to become teachers, explains an executive director of a nonprofit that works to do both

By Michelle Palmer

Stop the Public Education Blame Game

A longtime university president responds to a recent Citizen column by urging us to work for constructive solutions that support public education for all students

By Elaine Maimon

Guest Commentary: Philly’s Crime Problem is Not Just Larry Krasner’s Fault

The co-founder and retired CEO of Boys’ Latin, now a senior fellow at a free-market public policy think tank, looks to teachers union President Jerry Jordan and decades of failing our students

By David P. Hardy