Video: “I Want You To Change the World”

Criminal Justice reformer Bryan Stevenson offered a prescription—and a plea—for Penn grads in his commencement speech today. We could all take heart

By Roxanne Patel Shepelavy

The Citizen Recommends: Rise & Dream Youth Conference

The free event is a call to action for Philly teens to carve their own unique path toward finding, and being, their best selves

By Jamie Bogert

Citizens of the Week: 10,000 White Women—Doing the Work

There's no perfect way to talk about race. But four friends are igniting conversations among a group that could use more of them: white women

By Jessica Press

The Citizen Recommends: 7th Annual Sojourner Truth Walk

This weekend, walk in solidarity with and support of the Philly girls who are upholding Truth’s legacy

By Jamie Bogert

“They Can Win”

When their garden project was halted because of lead in their school, students at Furness High School embarked on a different campaign: To clean every toxic school in Philly

By Katherine Rapin

A Ticket to Self-Expression

The Dictionary Project provides students with an old-school ticket to the timeless gift of language

By Siobhan Gleason

Ideas We Should Steal: More Young Voters

Districts around the country—including University City in Philly—saw a huge uptick in young voters during the midterms. Harnessing that citywide could sway elections

By Roxanne Patel Shepelavy

The Citizen Recommends: Imagining Possible Futures

The Pamela & Ajay Raju Foundation and the Art Museum will award $10,000 to one high schooler for an essay about the future

By Roxanne Patel Shepelavy