Get (and give!) free reading help for kids this summer

Whether your child fell behind or could just use a bit of enrichment, there are plenty of Philly resources offering extra help between now and September. Plus: How to volunteer and donate, whether or not you have kids of your own

By Jessica Blatt Press

A Better Way To Teach Reading

Two-thirds of Philly third graders are behind in reading. Will a new program the District is launching in September change that? The answer may lie in Bethlehem, PA.

By Jane M. Von Bergen

Mystery Shopper: What the Hybrid?

Phase III of the School District’s back to campus plan launches next week—a colossal effort to give kids eight days of in-person learning. Our Mystery Shopper reviewed how it's going.

It’s Time to Rethink Status in Higher Ed

Penn, Harvard, and other elite universities have rejected a record number of applicants this year. A longtime college president says it’s time to reconsider how we select—and fund—colleges

By Elaine Maimon

Mystery Shopper: Is it as easy to read and work in Philly as it should be?

Our mystery shoppers go online to get a library card and working papers for summer. How simple was it?

Guest Commentary: A “Ray of Hope” For Fair School Funding

A May pre-trial hearing for a seven-year-old school funding lawsuit in Pennsylvania has a state politics watcher wondering: Could this finally mean more money for schools that need it?

By Charlie Bacas

One Year of Covid: Higher Ed Will Never Be the Same Again…

...and that should be a good thing. A longtime university president maps the way forward for universities—and the students they serve

By Elaine Maimon

Villanova For the Win!

With March Madness back on this year, we face a perennial dilemma: Can we be fans of winning games while also winning at education?