The Higher Ed Opportunity

Four local universities will be searching for new presidents in the next couple of years. Let’s be sure, a longtime college president says, they are principled leaders who can help transform the region.

By Elaine Maimon

6 Ways to Move Education Forward

At last week’s Innovation in Education event, in partnership with Fitler Club and Comcast NBCUniversal, trailblazing leaders in education offered creative, collaborative strategies to support the most important stakeholders in our schools: students

By Duncan Glew

Will The School District Squander Its $1.1 Billion Stimulus Windfall?

A history of management snafus under Superintendent Bill Hite can only make you wonder if we’re able to seize this potentially transformative moment

By Larry Platt

It’s Time to Re-Enroll Adults, including John Kruk, in Higher Education

36 million Americans have earned some college credits but no degree. A longtime college president says it’s time to honor what they have learned in life and help them attain degrees.

By Elaine Maimon

20+ Education Organizations to Support in Philadelphia

By lending time or money to these philanthropic initiatives, you can help make a difference in the lives of students, educators and communities

By Duncan Glew, Hallie Jacobs and Emma RIverso

Guest Commentary: Believe in Black Students

Here are some ways schools can take action and demonstrate a commitment to anti-racism that is essential for reducing pandemic learning loss

By Sharif El-Mekki

What’s So Wrong With David Cohen and Amy Gutmann Being Ambassadors?

An Inquirer news story raises questions about the sunken state of our public conversation

By Larry Platt

The Citizen Recommends: A Discussion About Innovation in Education

At next week’s event, powered by Comcast and Fitler Club, we welcome three cutting edge disruptors for a public discourse about how to rethink education

By Larry Platt