PA’s Fair Funding Champion

Deborah Gordon Klehr oversaw the Education Law Center’s successful case mandating better funding of public schools throughout the state. But it’s her work outside the courtroom that has been indispensable for Pennsylvania students

By Malcolm Burnley

The Great School Vouchers Debate

Progressive Councilmembers Thomas, Gauthier, O'Rourke and Brooks protested them. Jay-Z begged to differ. And Mayor Parker tried to bring folks together. Who’s got students’ backs? A week on the frontlines of the school choice wars

By Larry Platt

Guest Commentary: “We Are Without Leaders”

A legendary University of the Arts professor weighs in with the lessons learned from the institution’s sudden closing last week after 150 years

By Neil Kleinman

The New Urban Order: Higher Ed’s Day of Urban Reckoning

What can cities do to prevent precipitous college closures?

By Diana Lind

UArts’ Closing with One-Week Notice? This Just Isn’t Done

The 150-year-old institution has left students, faculty and the city reeling. A longtime university president joins in the call for an immediate independent investigation

By Elaine Maimon

Ideas We Should Steal: College Credit for Campaign Work

L.A.’s Occidental College offers a “campaign semester” for students who do election work full time. A longtime university president urges local colleges to do the same

By Elaine Maimon

Listen: Ali Velshi Banned Book Club Sits Down with Randi Weingarten

The MSNBC host and Citizen board member interviews the new president of the American Federation of Teachers about her efforts to take on book bans

By Ali Velshi

Building a City of Writerly Love

As she was writing Housemates, her new novel about creating art, Emma Copley Eisenberg helped start and foster an organization that makes it a little easier to create art in Philadelphia

By Courtney DuChene