Ideas We Should Steal: Educate Adults For Teaching as a Second Career

Philadelphia’s teacher shortage keeps getting worse. A long-time university president finds solutions from her own past, and from the UK, where a program has trained 850 professionals for new jobs as teachers

By Elaine Maimon

Citizen of the Week: Vivek Babu

Thanks to the efforts led by Drexel’s undergraduate student president, the university will for the first time give students the day off for voting and engagement on Election Day 2024, the latest in a string of election advocacy successes.

By Roxanne Patel Shepelavy

Ideas We Should Steal: The School Day When No One Eats Alone

Lots of kids feel socially isolated — especially at lunchtime. A national movement is working to change that, today

By Michaela Haas

Temple Makes a Promise to Philadelphia Students

A long-time university president applauds the city-based public research university’s new plan for free tuition and fees — the Temple Promise — for Philly families who earn below an income threshold

By Elaine Maimon

Guest Commentary: A Blueprint For Quality Schools

A local education leader urges school officials and other civic stakeholders to come together around a singular vision for Philly’s students — one that creates opportunity

By Stacy Holland

Sanity and Hope for Higher Ed

Governor Shapiro’s vision for the state college system offers a path for more residents to get the education they need. A long-time university president lays out why it matters

By Elaine Maimon

The War in University City

While student protestors and bullying Trustees at Penn continue shedding far more heat than light, there’s a different story at neighbor Drexel. Why?

By Larry Platt

Listen: Ali Velshi on the Real Story Behind Claudine Gay’s Ouster from Harvard

The MSNBC anchor and Citizen Board member talks about the coordinated conservative campaign to remove one of academia's few Black leaders a for political gain

By Ali Velshi