Open the Doors to Higher Ed

A longtime university president calls on local colleges to steal an idea from Michigan: recruit and educate the nearly 17,000 foster kids in Pennsylvania.

By Elaine Maimon

Ideas We Should Steal: Citywide Restorative Justice

The attack on Asian-American high school students on SEPTA last month was another symptom of our city's broken systems. Could implementing Philly-wide restorative justice practices, as they do in Oakland, help heal our collective pain?

By Jessica Blatt Press

How To Put More Teachers Into Philly Schools

The School District has 1,900 open positions, including in several classrooms that have no teachers. A longtime university president offers a way out of this disaster.

By Elaine Maimon

Guest Commentary: “It Was Just A Lot of Stress”

Masterman 8th graders sat last week for the School District's new essay requirement for Philly’s top academic high schools. Then the system crashed. Why, one student wonders, can’t they get it right?

By Natalia Shepelavy

Boycott College Rankings

The fraud conviction of Temple’s business school dean proves that U.S. News rankings are bogus. So why are we still beholden to them?

By Elaine Maimon

Integrity Icon 2021: How To Lead With Integrity

Philly’s inaugural Integrity Icon people’s choice winner follows his moral convictions at work and in his life—even when times are tough. It’s a reminder we all could use this week

By Richard M. Gordon IV

Social Capital Is More Important Than College Majors

Universities and students should consider “mission before major,” advises a long-time college president

By Elaine Maimon

The Equity Conundrum

The District’s new magnet schools policy is putting the progressive push for equity under an uncomfortable lens. Does it even solve the problem we need to be solving?

By Roxanne Patel Shepelavy