Bringing The Music Back

Temple Contemporary’s Symphony for a Broken Orchestra project repaired and returned 1,000-plus musical instruments to Philly students. Now it’s spreading its mission nationally

By Jessica Press

“This is a time for extraordinary courage”

Environmental crusader and restaurant icon Judy Wicks gave a commencement address to Drexel grads this month. Her message: Planet saving is everyone’s job

By Judy Wicks

The (New) Sound of Philly

Students at Hill-Freedman World Academy have created an album that showcases the power of music to unite, with cameos from Chill Moody and...Bill Hite?

By Jessica Press

Citizens Of The Week: Philly’s Teachers

It’s the last day of public school in Philly. Let’s give teachers a hand as they embark on their much-deserved summer break

By Roxanne Patel Shepelavy

Guest Commentary: Is School Choice the Black Choice?

Deficits impacting Black America are not closing fast enough. An education reformer argues that school choice aids the cause of equality

By Lenny McCallister

Video: “I Want You To Change the World”

Criminal Justice reformer Bryan Stevenson offered a prescription—and a plea—for Penn grads in his commencement speech today. We could all take heart

By Roxanne Patel Shepelavy

The Citizen Recommends: Rise & Dream Youth Conference

The free event is a call to action for Philly teens to carve their own unique path toward finding, and being, their best selves

By Jamie Bogert

Citizens of the Week: 10,000 White Women—Doing the Work

There's no perfect way to talk about race. But four friends are igniting conversations among a group that could use more of them: white women

By Jessica Press