Let’s Make County Government a Thing in PA

It would be fairer, more efficient and better for all the towns in the state, says Philly 3.0’s engagement director. Join him and The Citizen for an event next week that explores what regionalism could mean for our local economy

By Jon Geeting

One Year of Covid: “We have to take care of one another”

Reflections from a best-selling author and the creator of The Citizen’s forthcoming podcast about gun violence in our city, Philly Under Fire

By Jo Piazza

Things to Do in Philadelphia This Weekend

The first-ever Northern Liberties Restaurant Week kicks off, the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile rolls through town and more fun things to do in Philly this week during Covid-19

By Josh Middleton

Who’s Running for Judge in PA?

Pennsylvanians will choose the people presiding over courts from city to state this year. Here’s what you need to know to cast your ballot.

By Jen Devor

Guest Commentary: How You Can Make Voting Fair in PA

Citizens are invited to apply this week to be the deciding vote on what new political districts look like in Pennsylvania. The Committee of 70's CEO lays out why that matters

By David Thornburgh

How to Organize a Street Cleanup

In this installment of The Citizen’s new “How To” series, we talked to @YaFavTrashman for tips on rallying your neighbors to beautify your block

By Nick Fiorellini

Citizen of The Week: Gail Kotel

The local artist is drawing attention to the economic crisis in the restaurant industry and the environmental impact of our disposable culture through her new portrait series on takeout containers

By Christina Griffith

Business for Good: Back to the Future With Ryan Spak

The West Philly resident is executing his vision of responsible development through the company he owns with his mom—while throwing in a side of Concrete Cowboy Hollywood dreams

By Jessica Blatt Press