Solutions? We Heard Them

10 takeaways from The Citizen’s second annual Ideas We Should Steal Festival

By Roxanne Patel Shepelavy

Week 15: Jason Kelce’s Eagles Education Season

This week, the Super Bowl-winning offensive lineman compares Philly schools to those of Washington, D.C.—and celebrates a local education innovation

By Jason Kelce

Why Is Ravioli Worth More Than Pierogi?

How Mom-Mom’s Kitchen is working to spread the good word on Polish food in Philadelphia

By Jason Wilson

Guest Commentary: The Climate Movement’s Diversity Problem

The co-founder of environmental B Corp rePurpose demands a seat at the table for those most affected by climate change: young people of color

By Peter Wang Hjemdahl

The Citizen Updates: Sunday Love Project

The hunger-fighting organization has partnered with a Philly restaurant vet to train people who desperately need jobs: those experiencing homelessness

By Jessica Press

Have Fun, Do Good: Holiday Lights Ride

Take a leisurely bike ride to check out Philly's most-decked-out streets, march in the lantern parade at Christmas Village and more things to do this week for a fantastic cause

By Josh Middleton

Pennsylvania’s Drinking Economy

What’s good news for the state budget is bad news for our health. So how can it be health, Philly 3.0’s engagement director wonders, that justifies state control over liquor sales?

By Jon Geeting

Can States Save the Country?

The attorneys general of PA and NY will talk about fairness, justice and the rule of law at the second annual Ideas We Should Steal Festival next Tuesday

By Jessica Press