The Citizen Recommends: The 2nd Annual Ideas We Should Steal Festival

This year’s lineup will feature HBO’s John Oliver, MSNBC’s Ali Velshi and more. Join us at the Comcast Technology Center and be part of the solution

By Roxanne Patel Shepelavy

Have Fun, Do Good: Dance to Fight Hunger

Riot Nerd hosts an ’80s dance party for Philabundance, local makers sell their wares at Holiday Art Star Craft Bazaar and more things to do in Philly this week for a great cause

By Patrick Bilow

How We Voted

Philly 3.0's engagement director with a fine-grained look at how citywide voting coalitions made a difference in 2019

By Jon Geeting

Where’s Our ‘Paige Against The Machine’?

Independent Paige Cognetti’s upset win in Scranton’s mayor’s race offers an object lesson for Philly

By Larry Platt

Week 11: Jason Kelce’s Eagles Education Season

This week, the Super Bowl-winning offensive lineman compares Philly schools to those of Boston—and celebrates a local education innovation

By Jason Kelce

Is the Best Human For the Best?

The winner of this year’s Raju Foundation essay contest, based on the Art Museum's new futurist exhibit, ponders the ethics of genetic engineering

By Mary Cipperman

Who Pays and Who Gains?

Drexel’s Metro Finance Lab director rethinks the interplay between public investments and private wealth in cities

By Bruce Katz

Ideas We Should Steal Festival 2019: Term Limits For City Council?

Would term limits like they have in Arlington, Texas and across the nation make Council more responsive…to us? Check out this story from January, and then find out more at our 2nd Annual Ideas We Should Steal Festival

By Larry Platt