Fun Things to Do in Philly For the 4th of July

Where to see 4th of July fireworks, a massive Independence Day party on the Parkway, concerts, parades, free museum days and more

By Josh Middleton

The Rookie’s Guide to Biking in Philly

Expert tips for hitting Philadelphia's mean streets on two wheels

By Jessica Blatt Press

Watch: Citizen Book Club with Dan Pfeiffer

The author, podcaster and political insider spoke to a Philadelphia Citizen audience about uniting America by telling the truth.

By Lauren McCutcheon

The Spectacular Philly Hip-Hop Artist You Never Heard of

Logan-born poet / musician Khemist is one of the most gifted artists Philly has produced this century. We just don’t know it yet.

By James Peterson

Art for Change: The Sound Sculptor

Next in a series with Forman Arts Initiative, Philadelphia artist Raúl Romero merges sculpture with an invisible medium: sound

By Morgan Nitz

Will the Supreme Court Bombshells Change How PA Votes?

Why are Josh Shapiro and Doug Mastriano neck and neck? Is Dr. Oz underwater? Is PA going red? Catching up with legendary political consultant Neil Oxman to understand the polling.

By Larry Platt

Can Education Save Us From Tyranny?

In advance of a surprise January 6 hearing today, a long-time college president reflects on ways to preserve our embattled democracy

By Elaine Maimon

Guest Commentary: Guns, Abortion and the Folly of Originalism

The Supreme Court decisions on abortion and handguns are more informed by Humpty Dumpty than by sophisticated legal reasoning

By Carl Singley