Listen: Philly Under Fire Podcast

The Citizen spent a year trying to understand Philly’s gun violence epidemic—and identify ways to solve it. Listen to the seven-episode series here

By Jo Piazza

Things to Do in Philly This Week

Check out all the free Wawa Welcome America events, movies and concerts in parks and more fun things to do in Philly this week

By Josh Middleton

Will State Legislators Roll Back Voting Access?

Gov. Wolf will veto an attempt by PA Republicans to make voting harder this summer—but, Philly 3.0’s engagement director warns, the fight is unlikey to end there

By Jon Geeting

How The Sixers Can Save The City

Sports teams can make or break a city’s soul. Wednesday night’s loss was a historic collapse, but there’s one way the Sixers can save us from our angst tonight in Atlanta

By Larry Platt

Guest Commentary: Broadband for All

A Philly state rep calls on President Biden to ensure Americans with the greatest need can access a basic necessity of modern life: high speed internet

By Stephen Kinsey

The Story of the Storytellers

Juneteenth is a narrative of liberation and struggle that, until recently, was little-known. Who is telling the other unknown stories of Black life in Philly?

By James Peterson

The Citizen Recommends: Book Club With Sixers CEO Scott O’Neil

The new book from the hard-charging CEO of the Sixers and New Jersey Devils is a moving story of grief and healing, and a roadmap for personal success in business and in life.

By Larry Platt

Growing the Prison-to-Business Pipeline

A financial advisor-turned-social work professor has launched a Penn course that teams up students with formerly incarcerated entrepreneurs to help them launch their businesses—and stay out of prison

By Christina Griffith