How Yasmine Mustafa Got Her Groove Back

The local entrepreneur has found a niche that’s poised to change lives and—finally—turn a profit

By Jessica Press

Is the fix for our trash woes…tech?

The City issued its first, tentative, call for smart tech solutions under its Smart City Road Map. Will Philly be as bold as other cities?

By Roxanne Patel Shepelavy

The Cure For Fake News?

A trustworthy media is key to a healthy democracy. That’s why, instead of wringing his hands over the death of facts, entrepreneurial journalist Steven Brill just might have a solution.

By Larry Platt

Texting To The Rescue

A team at Penn Medicine may have found a way to save hundreds of new moms’ lives with a simple—but incredibly effective—tool

By Jill Harkins

Business for Good: Dorothy

A Penn alum’s startup helps regular folks predict flooding—something climate change will make more necessary than ever

By Courtney DuChene

Business for Good: Everyday Philanthropists

Entrepreneur Keith Leaphart’s new app, Philanthropi, aims to give everyday donors and nonprofits better access to their most powerful tool: each other.

By Jill Harkins

Business For Good: Sapient Industries

The Philly startup provides companies the tools to save energy costs—and preserve the planet. So far, 120,000 building clients have signed on

By Jessica Press

The Citizen Updates: DuckDuckGo

The Paoli-based search engine—whose founder, Gabriel Weinberg, testified before Congress this month— never has and never will track your data. Amen.

By Jessica Press