Guest Commentary: Keep Low Cost Internet … Low Cost

A local state rep urges the Biden administration to reject a proposal to eliminate a bulk billing provision that allows more low-income Philadelphians easy access to the web

By Rep. Jason Dawkins

Guest Commentary: Keep Tomorrow’s Innovators Local

A pair of tech educators urge city and business leaders to make Philly’s job market ready for young technologists — or risk losing them

By Danae Mobley and Maya Heiland

Business for Good: HeyKiddo

A Philly-based app is helping parents and teachers provide kids with the tools they need to build resilience and manage their emotional health

By Courtney DuChene

The New Urban Order: The Dynamically Priced City

Charging real-time, demand-based surge and discount pricing works for Uber and Amtrak. Could it work for other Philly services?

By Diana Lind

Is Jeff Yass the Last, Best Hope for Free Speech?

The much-vilified Bala Cynwyd-based billionaire, political donor, part TikTok owner may be the only person left who doesn’t want to shut everybody else up

By Larry Platt

Mystery Shopper: ChatGPT, Can You Help Me … Vote?

A recent study found AI platforms to be 51 percent inaccurate when it comes to voting and election info. In the latest installment of our Mystery Shopper series, a Citizen voter tries to see if the AI tech can be helpful after all.

By Citizen Mystery Shopper

The New Urban Order: Reinventing Arts and Culture

The pandemic decimated in-person attendance for traditional cultural institutions nationwide. Can Philly’s arts establishment slow its downfall?

By Diana Lind

Ideas We Should Steal: AI in Government (No, Really!)

Earlier this month, Sheriff Rochelle Bilal showcased how public officials should not deploy Artificial Intelligence. But like other cities, we can harness the new technology for good

By Malcolm Burnley