Guest Commentary: Towards a New Kind of Tolerance

A local business owner is tired of reminding colleagues to respect her Jewish holidays. Take note: They start next week.

By Corie Moskow

Listen: Ali Velshi on the British Empire’s brutal legacy

You may love the pomp and circumstance surrounding Queen Elizabeth II's passing, but you cannot love the monarchy's legacy the world over.

By Ali Velshi

God $!%# The Queen!

By all accounts she was a lovely woman. But why is mourning her passing the only thing Americans agree on? Didn’t we kinda fight a war to escape the trappings of royalty?

By Larry Platt

How Not To Treat Young Professionals

A precocious young professional and scholar has a message for Philly employers: Equitable treatment for your youngest colleagues means giving them the respect — and pay — they deserve

By Jemille Q. Duncan

Ode to … Litter

A morning commute turned (slightly) tragic for one Philadelphian. She responds with … poetry

By Corie Moskow

The Liberation Relay

Juneteenth, celebrating the end of slavery, is finally a City holiday — but Black Americans’ fight for freedom is long and enduring

By James Peterson

Guest Commentary: It’s Time to Connect the Unconnected

The director of a local tech ed nonprofit calls for awareness around access to high-speed internet and its role as a driver of inequity

By Angel Serrano

LISTEN: We Have the Second Amendment All Wrong

Citizen Board Member and MSNBC host Ali Velshi says the 1791 edict doesn't mean what we think it means

By Ali Velshi