Guest Commentary: Three Kids, One Post-Pandemic Philadelphia

A Philadelphia educator reflects on the power of young people to accept the world as it is, brutal and beautiful — and urges us all to revel in what they can teach us

By Maureen Boland

Guest Commentary: A Win On Abortion Means a Win For America

A local basketball coach and father of young men wonders if a middle path on abortion is the way America can survive this political moment

By Seth Berger

Are We Still A Union League Town?

The elite social club plans to award Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis its highest award. What does that say about who they — and we — are?

By Roxanne Patel Shepelavy

Guest Commentary: Repair the Pandemic’s Impact On Neighborhood Schools

Covid caused devastating learning losses, especially among low-income students. Here, Mastery Charter founder and CEO lays out a path to overcome them.

By Scott Gordon

The Problem with Blaming Parents for Kids’ Unlawful Behavior

When parents themselves are disadvantaged — single, impoverished, young — a community of adults must step up to help children

By Jemille Q. Duncan

Guest Commentary: Kanye, Herschel, and Blaxploitation

A longtime political observer on the hypocrisy and damage of the infamous Black celebs

By Carl Singley

What The Inquirer Got Wrong About FDR Park

A recent editorial declared support for remaking the South Philly park as an outdoor turf sports complex. That is not what we really need

By Lauren McCutcheon

Guest Commentary: Older Philadelphians Need You to Support Vision Zero

AARP Pennsylvania calls for more support for the City’s ambitious plan to eliminate fatalities and injuries from traffic crashes

By Yocasta Lora and Randy LoBasso