Guest Commentary: Now’s Our Time to be Liberated from HIV

A local queer Black podcaster and life coach on why he’s speaking up about PrEP and Philadelphia’s new HIV prevention campaign

By Eric Cole

Guest Commentary: It’s Time For Joe To Go

A local businessperson/philanthropist/coach has known — and admired — the President for years. Now he makes a painful case about the 2024 election.

By Seth Berger

Guest Commentary: Does Philly Need Rent Control?

Philadelphia once led the country on keeping rents down — and, says the director of our city’s Rent Control Coalition, we can do it again

By Karen Harvey

Guest Commentary: Incredibly Affirming and Wrenchingly Sad

A few White men at the March on Washington, from a leader of the B Corp movement

By Jay Coen Gilbert

Guest Commentary: Urban Doom Loop … Really?

A story in the Wall Street Journal last week singled Philly out for having an empty office district. The head of the Center City District wonders: Do facts even matter anymore?

By Paul R. Levy

Guest Commentary: Shapiro’s Unique Opportunity on Schools

The governor punted on a chance to be the rare Democrat to fund school vouchers in the state budget he just signed. But, a free market advocate argues, it’s not too late

By Charles Mitchell

Guest Commentary: No One Should Go Hungry in College

More than 20 percent of all college students — and 35 percent of Black students — don’t have enough to eat. We have the tools, a renowned scholar and advocate says, to ensure everyone is well-fed

By Sara Goldrick-Rab

Character Lab: Copy-paste your way to success

MacArthur "Genius" Angela Duckworth, the co-founder of Character Lab and author of Grit, explains why "imitation is inspiration."

By Angela Duckworth