Guest Commentary: A “Ray of Hope” For Fair School Funding

A May pre-trial hearing for a seven-year-old school funding lawsuit in Pennsylvania has a state politics watcher wondering: Could this finally mean more money for schools that need it?

By Charlie Bacas

Guest Commentary: How You Can Make Voting Fair in PA

Citizens are invited to apply this week to be the deciding vote on what new political districts look like in Pennsylvania. The Committee of 70's CEO lays out why that matters

By David Thornburgh

Guest Commentary: Demand Responsible Cleanup at PES

It’s not enough for Hilco to promise it will create an environmentally safe commercial hub on the site of the 2019 South Philly explosion. All of us, a Penn PhD candidate insists, need to make sure it happens

By Helene Langlamet

One Year of Covid: Transformation (Re)Defined

A WURD radio host and entrepreneur reflects on the four “Fs” that have come to the forefront this year: family, finances, fitness and faith

By Syreeta Martin

Guest Commentary: Time to Say Enough to Corruption

Union boss John Dougherty was indicted again this week, and 12 percent of City Council is facing corruption charges. One outraged elected official is calling for an end to the scourge of Philly politics

By Jared Solomon

The Answer To Our Vaccine Debacle

Locally and nationally, getting shots into arms has been a disaster. A longtime college president says the answer to preventing this in future is clear: education

By Elaine Maimon

Guest Commentary: Cancel Culture at Hawk Hill?

A St. Joe’s math professor may lose his job after anonymously tweeting conservative views, including opposition to reparations. A Broad + Liberty contributor wonders: What happened to academic freedom?

By Kyle Sammin

Guest Commentary: Make this Sheriff the Last Sheriff

Another scandal prompts a former city official—and one-time candidate for the job—to call for getting the Sheriff’s Office out of the City’s real estate business

By John Kromer