Bye, Bye Fiefdoms?

Philly 3.0’s engagement director on the promise a new mayor and City Council offer: Reversing the balkanized, piecemeal approach to land development Darrell Clarke has championed.

By Jon Geeting

An Urgent Proposal to Solve our Housing Crisis

Drexel’s Metro Finance head calls for a radical rethink of the way we ensure Americans have homes

By Bruce Katz, Michael Saadine and Ben Preis

“We Buy Houses.” Philadelphians Lose Out.

According to a new report by Drexel Metro Finance, investors prey on homeowners in distressed communities. That could mean hundreds of millions of dollars lost citywide

By Bruce Katz, Ben Preis, Kevin Gillen

Who has a Plan to Grow Philadelphia’s Population?

As the City Council race gets underway, Philly 3.0’s engagement editor wonders who is in favor of dramatically increasing our population by 2040, like leaders in other cities. Here’s why it matters

By Jon Geeting

Ideas We Should Steal: An Everything Transportation App

It is unnecessarily hard to figure out the best public transit route to get around the Philly area — one reason people default to driving. Can we take a lesson from Berlin?

By J.P. Romney

Can Cities Defy Fiscal Gravity?

As urban transit systems like SEPTA face a crisis since Covid, Drexel’s Metro Finance head looks to the innovators who are rethinking how we get around

By Bruce Katz

Generation Change Philly: The People’s Planner

Gregory Heller has spent his career trying to make Philadelphia more hospitable — and equitable — for the people who call it home.

By Jessica Blatt Press

Guest Commentary: Without Collaboration, Innovation Will Stall

The CEO of a Delaware-based startup hub calls for Philly and its surrounding cities and states to work together to help companies — and the region — thrive

By William D. Provine