Generation Change Philly: The Home Maker

Developer Mo Rushdy made his reputation on high-end luxury homes. Now, he’s turned his considerable talents to creating generational wealth for low- to middle-income Philadelphians

By Courtney DuChene

Who Will Clean Up Philly?

The City’s disorganization around Philly’s illegal dumping crisis is as messy as the dumping itself. A reporter who has spent months delving into the disaster calls for a leader we can count on

By Nick Russo

Infrastructure Alone Does Not A City Make

Federal funding is pushing cities to launch projects that will transform their physical environments. But, Drexel’s Metro Finance director cautions, more is needed to truly build vibrant and vital neighborhoods

By Bruce Katz

Ideas We Should Steal: The 20-Minute Neighborhood

Paris, Portland, Houston and even Detroit are planning neighborhoods where residents can walk or bike to everything they need for a healthy and vibrant life. Is now the time to do the same in Philly?

By Roxanne Patel Shepelavy

How to End the Endless Fuss Over FDR Park

The plan for Philadelphia’s largest neighborhood park has prompted a contentious fight, South Philly style. Could the answer be as simple as a walk in the park?

By Lauren McCutcheon

Center City Sixers Stadium — a Win for SEPTA

The Sixers’ proposed new stadium sits atop a rail station in Center City. That, a local urbanist argues, is the kind of transit-oriented development Philly needs more of

By Diana Lind

The Sixers For The Win?

The prospect of a $1.3 billion Center City arena can spur equitable growth — if done right. Here, a playbook for an intentional and inclusive deal

By Larry Platt

Future-Ready: How We Could Climb to a Better Future

An expert on the future of work calls for a new way of measuring success in our city: A quality of life index for Philadelphia

By Anne Gemmell