Investment? What Investment?

Philly is blowing its chance to use its federal rescue funds to directly address intractable problems. Will Mayor Parker’s new budget follow Governor Shapiro’s blueprint and propose an “invest and grow” plan?

By Larry Platt

The New Urban Order: Do We Really Need More Moveable Chairs?

The design for the Municipal Services Building plaza is like too many of our public spaces: bland and uncomfortable. Here, some ways we could do better

By Diana Lind

Guest Commentary: What Should We Do with Welcome Park?

A government strategist has a radical idea for the historic park at the heart of a recent controversy over its William Penn statue

By Mark Nicastre

The New Urban Order: What if Parenting in Philly Were Easier?

Forget kid-friendly cities. A city that answers to the needs of parents helps all residents, young and old

By Diana Lind

The New Urban Order: The Best Way To Build Affordable Housing …

… is to buy it. Here’s how Philadelphia could do that

By Diana Lind

Will 2024 Be a Year of Financial Innovation?

Drexel’s Metro Finance head on how to move from a complex and confusing “capital moment” to collaborative, community-minded and long-lasting change

By Bruce Katz and Bryan Fike


For his decades-long commitment to making Center City safe, clean and welcoming to all of us, the outgoing Center City District president is being honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award

By Christine Speer Lejeune

The Downtown Downturn Everyone Expected …

… and few planned for. Drexel’s Metro Finance Chief on what Philly should learn from other U.S. cities to keep Center City thriving

By Bruce Katz