How user-friendly is SEPTA’s schedule app?

In the latest installment of our Mystery Shopper column, a local student test-drove how easy, or not, it is to navigate the city via SEPTA’s app

How to Make the Parkway Grand Again

The Benjamin Franklin Parkway was a bold idea a century ago. As the city embarks on a redesign of our own Champs Elysees, a local urbanist has ideas for making it so again

By Diana Lind

Mystery Shopper: How hard is it to get street closure permits in Philly?

Moving? Throwing a block party? In our latest Mystery Shopper column, one Philadelphian finds out how to (temporarily!) keep people from parking on your street.

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

What’s the one thing few leaders are talking about as we secure a $2.7 billion windfall? Growing jobs. Is there a plan for that?

By Larry Platt

North Broad’s Next Chapter

The corridor stretching from City Hall to Germantown Avenue will never be “Avenue of the Arts”—or Northern Liberties or...any of the city’s “Hot ‘Hoods.” And that just might be a good thing.

By Jessica Blatt Press

Lessons from Jane Jacobs

The legendary 20th century urbanist astutely observed how economic choices impede urban progress for people of color. Drexel’s Metro Finance head on what we should learn from her in our post-pandemic recovery

By Bruce Katz and Colin Higgins

Finding More Ways To Say Yes

We saw an unprecedented push to make living, working and participating in our civic life easier for Philly residents during the pandemic. A former city official urges our leaders to keep that momentum going.

By Lauren Vidas

Watch: Meet the Electeds—Resurrecting Regionalism

At our latest virtual event, The Citizen welcomed leaders from Philly and the “collar counties” for a lively conversation about moving our region forward—together.

By Jessica Blatt Press