Bucks County vs. Big Tech

Studies show TikTok and other social media apps cause mental harm to teens and pose a danger to the rest of us. Can action by a group of local officials curb their influence?

By Andy Bloom

Not Your Country Club’s Squash Team

City kids playing squash? The nonprofit SquashSmarts has combined the sport with academic and social support as a college and career launchpad for hundreds of Philly kids

By Jessica Blatt Press

Guest Commentary: Listen to Teens on Gun Violence

A North Philly native who was shot, spent time in prison, and now works in schools offers concrete ways to engage young people in ending the travesty of shootings

By LuQman Abdullah

Ideas We Should Steal: Clean Up Trash With Pro Sports Teams

The Memphis Grizzlies loaned its NBA star power to get citizens competing to pick up litter. Could a Philly “Litter League” help clean up our streets, too?

By Roxanne Patel Shepelavy

Listen: Ali Velshi Banned Book Club with Meg Cabot

The MSNBC host speaks with the YA author about the inevitability of teen sex

By Ali Velshi

Philly’s Fiercest Advocates

YEAH Philly provides 400 youth a year with a safe space and opportunities to change the course of their lives and their community. Is it a blueprint for moving our city forward?

By Jessica Blatt Press

Listen: Ali Velshi Banned Book Club with Grace Lin

The MSNBC host speaks with the bestselling children's author and illustrator about the very unlikely banning of her storybook, A Big Mooncake for Little Star

By Ali Velshi

Ideas We Should Steal: Youth Restorative Justice For All Students

The School District’s diversion program for low-level offenders is a national model that has kept kids in school and out of jail. Could a version of San Francisco’s Make it Right program reach even more youth?

By Aly Kerrigan