The Quest to Raise Happier Kids

Why giving our city kids more freedom and independence is so vital … and how Philly, as a city, could help.

By Christine Speer Lejeune

Citizen of the Week: Nadia Bosket

The founder of Hoop Dreams, Inc. has figured out how to help Philly kids make friends, be confident and focus on opportunities, using basketball as bait

By Lauren McCutcheon

The New Urban Order: Higher Ed’s Day of Urban Reckoning

What can cities do to prevent precipitous college closures?

By Diana Lind

Ideas We Should Steal: Free Childcare for Women’s Health

Caring for children often forces women to skip doctor’s appointments, take lower-paying jobs and carry extra stress that is bad for their health. A statewide New Mexico initiative may provide the answer

By Courtney DuChene

Listen: Ali Velshi Banned Book Club Sits Down with Randi Weingarten

The MSNBC host and Citizen board member interviews the new president of the American Federation of Teachers about her efforts to take on book bans

By Ali Velshi

Mystery Shopper: Registering to Vote for the First Time

Our city-dwelling, non-driving Mystery Shopper turned 18 a few months before the election. Why was it so hard to register to vote?

By Citizen Mystery Shopper

Citizen of the Week: John Solomon of Endangered Kind

Lifelong North Philadelphian John Solomon uses his own experiences to help young people in his community escape the cycle of gun violence

By Norah Rami

Her Body, Her (Beautiful) Self

The three-year-old Body Empowerment Project has helped students in 17 Philadelphia schools accept — and embrace — their physical selves this year. Support their work at their year-end party on April 25

By Natalie Pompilio