Guest Commentary: Three Kids, One Post-Pandemic Philadelphia

A Philadelphia educator reflects on the power of young people to accept the world as it is, brutal and beautiful — and urges us all to revel in what they can teach us

By Maureen Boland

Guest Commentary: Voting Today Matters Tomorrow

Even one vote in one election matters. Even better, says a Harrisburg leader, is making voting a habit from a young age

By Joanna McClinton

Listen: Ali Velshi Banned Book Club on Arizona House Bill 2495 with Daniel Hernandez

The MSNBC anchor talks with Arizona State Representative Daniel Hernandez about the state's ban on acknowledging sexuality in public schools

By Ali Velshi

What Teens Who Can’t Vote Can Do

9 impactful ways teens can get involved in the upcoming elections — even if they’re not old enough to vote.

By Ethan Young

The Citizen Recommends: The Tunnel Premiere

West Philadelphia filmmaker Kyle Jordan debuts a suspenseful short about the lingering, haunting effects of everyday Black trauma

By Lauren McCutcheon

Guest Commentary: Extracurriculars Keep Our Students Safe

Despite the horrible shooting outside a Roxborough High School football game last month, a longtime educator points to evidence that out of school activities are still the right thing for Philly kids

By David P. Hardy

Listen: Ali Velshi Banned Book Club on Melissa with Alex Gino

MSBNC's Ali Velshi speaks with the acclaimed trans author about the effects of book banning

By Ali Velshi

The Problem with Blaming Parents for Kids’ Unlawful Behavior

When parents themselves are disadvantaged — single, impoverished, young — a community of adults must step up to help children

By Jemille Q. Duncan