The Election Whisperer

The Main Line’s Rich Thau is the nation’s sole conductor of monthly swing voter focus groups in presidential battleground states. And he’s got some advice for both Biden and Trump

By Larry Platt

Guest Commentary: It’s Time For Joe To Go

A local businessperson/philanthropist/coach has known — and admired — the President for years. Now he makes a painful case about the 2024 election.

By Seth Berger

Be Wary of “Outsiders” in Government

We know what happens when inexperienced politicians like Larry Krasner and Vivek Ramaswamy are elected to top jobs. And it isn’t good for any of us

By Jemille Q. Duncan

Listen: Ali Velshi’s Impassioned Plea

Donald Trump's third indictment and his position as leading Republican nominee pushes the MSNBC host and Citizen board member to wonder: Just what the hell is going on here?

By Ali Velshi

K & A Makes a Presidential Race Appearance

This week, Republican Vivek Ramaswamy penned a New York Post op-ed on the dystopia in Kensington. It was full of laughable political pablum. But he was also kinda right

By Larry Platt

Listen: Ali Velshi on the No Labels Party

MSNBC anchor and Citizen Board member says this mysterious third party has done some good — but could also spoil the Presidential race

By Ali Velshi

Guest Commentary: Ron DeSantis and the Politics of Dog Whistling

The Florida governor announced his presidential candidacy yesterday. A local businessman/philanthropist wonders, what do you think about what he is saying?

By Jay Coen Gilbert

Listen: Ali Velshi Speaks with Michael Cohen About — Who Else? — Donald Trump

MSNBC host and Citizen Board Member Ali Velshi chats with Donald Trump's former attorney, Michael Cohen, about Trump, the Republican Party and lessons learned (or not)

By Ali Velshi