“Ghost Guns Are A Nightmare”

On the heels of settling a lawsuit with Philly, the nation’s largest manufacturer of controversial ghost gun kits has now been sued by a local victim’s parents. Are we finally catching up to the ghost gun crisis?

By Mensah M. Dean

The Citizen Recommends: The Sicilian Inheritance

In her new Philly novel, bestselling author and podcaster Jo Piazza explores a century-old murder, women’s strengths — and her own unresolved family mystery. Then, she turned it into a true crime podcast

By Olivia Kram

Did Mayor Parker Get Cleaning Basics … Wrong?

The City’s former Litter Czar on how Mayor Parker’s proposed cleaning plan falls short of what Philthadelphia really needs

By Nicolas Esposito

Is the Tide Turning on Larry Krasner?

The progressive prosecutor movement is losing momentum. Its poster boy may have to adjust to a new political zeitgeist

By Larry Platt

Why SEPTA Halted Its New Gun-Detection System

SEPTA didn’t expand its pilot with Conshohocken's ZeroEyes, which manages AI gun-detection technology. How will the City keep riders safe after a surge of gunfire this March?

By Mensah M. Dean

A “Wake Up Call” on Guns

A District Attorney diversion program is offering a second chance to those with no prior convictions and whose only crime was having an unlicensed gun. It aims to work around a state law that treats Philadelphians more harshly than other Pennsylvanians

By Mensah M. Dean

Tired of the Slog of American Gun Violence?

If you’re feeling hopeless and helpless once again after the Kansas City Super Bowl parade shooting, take heart. There are things you can do to make change, here and now

By Lauren McCutcheon

Listen: The State — and Future — of Policing in Cities

The latest episode of our How to Really Run a City podcast presents the final installment of an in-depth conversation between legendary Police Commissioner Charles H. Ramsey and co-hosts Kasim Reed, Michael Nutter, and Larry Platt

By Jessica Blatt Press