The Citizen Recommends: They Carried Us

A riveting new tome by two local educator/activists chronicles the lives of 95 African-American female trailblazers and their impact in Philly

By Jessica Press

The Citizen Recommends: A Map of Myself

The one-woman show from 20-year-old Sara Abou Rashed charts her alternately heartbreaking and heartwarming immigrant journey

By Jessica Press

The Citizen Recommends: Philadelphia Youth Film Festival

The third annual student-run event showcases the work of young filmmakers from Perth to Penn’s Landing

By Elena Musher Eisenstadt

The Citizen Recommends: Black History Untold’s “Revolution”

Sofiya Ballin discusses the latest installment of her Black History Untold series, which debuts at the Museum of the American Revolution

By Jared Michael Lowe

The Citizen Recommends: My General Tubman

With her first play, acclaimed Philly author Lorene Cary delves deeply into what Harriet Tubman’s extraordinary life says about our own

By Jessica Press

The Citizen Recommends: Long Bright River

Temple writing professor Liz Moore’s acclaimed new novel is set amidst the Kensington opioid crisis. Here, she talks about finding—and writing—hope within despair

By Sarah Jordan

The Citizen Recommends: A Conversation with Emma Copley Eisenberg

Join the director of Philly writers hub Blue Stoop as she debuts her new book, a coming-of-age tale about murder, self-discovery and being a woman in America

By Kiersten A. Adams

Ideas We Should Steal: Harmony Project

The Columbus, OH, nonprofit connects people across lines of difference to sing and to serve more than 60,000 volunteer hours per year. Is there room in Philly for something similar?

By Jill Harkins