The Citizen Recommends: Long Bright River

Temple writing professor Liz Moore’s acclaimed new novel is set amidst the Kensington opioid crisis. Here, she talks about finding—and writing—hope within despair

By Sarah Jordan

Texting To The Rescue

A team at Penn Medicine may have found a way to save hundreds of new moms’ lives with a simple—but incredibly effective—tool

By Jill Harkins

Business for Good: The Soulfull Project

Two Campbell’s alums have struck out on their own to create healthy, delicious oatmeal—with a purpose

By Jessica Press

Guest Commentary: Make Biking Safe

The state Senate may fix a technicality that prevents the city from installing safe bike lanes. A local bike commuter and nurse urges it to do so.

By Lillie Carlile

Pennsylvania’s Drinking Economy

What’s good news for the state budget is bad news for our health. So how can it be health, Philly 3.0’s engagement director wonders, that justifies state control over liquor sales?

By Jon Geeting

The Citizen Recommends: Emily’s Entourage Gala

Emily Kramer-Golinkoff, who has a rare form of cystic fibrosis, is in a race against time. Her foundation is on the path to finding a cure for people like her—and you have the power to help.

By Jessica Press

Why Gratitude Matters

Angela Duckworth’s Character Lab has uncovered the deep power of gratitude. Here, the Lab’s primer on giving thanks this holiday season, and beyond

By Jessica Press

Life, Death, Democracy and…pins?

How Elkins Park-based Common Practice is at the forefront of a revolution

By Jessica Press