Reality Check: Why the Philadelphia Tire Fire Should Scare You

The plume of black smoke that erupted over Philly last week was another sign, WURD’s midday host and a Temple professor say, of the carelessness with which the City addresses real environmental concerns for mostly Black residents

By Charles D. Ellison and Christina D. Rosan

The Citizen Recommends: Our American Family

Hallee Adelman’s latest film is a raw and empathetic portrait of one local family’s struggle with—and determination to break free of—opioid addiction.

By Katherine Rapin

Diversity For the Win

For first-year IBX CEO Greg Deavens, diverse hires and tackling health equity is smart business.

By Larry Platt

Generation Change Philly: The Wellness Crusader

Sudan Green’s Spirits Up! brings community-based yoga, mindfulness and peace to Black Philadelphians, who are still underserved by the wellness community. It is a revolutionary act for our times

By Jessica Blatt Press

Guest Commentary: “Clean and Safe is the Foundation for Economic Recovery”

In testimony to Council last week, Center City District’s president and CEO shared some best practices to help our neighborhoods and citizens restore their quality of life

By Paul R. Levy

Business for Good: Journal My Health

Local tech guru Tracey Welson-Rossman had an idea for an app to help people with chronic illnesses track their symptoms back in 2009. The plight of Covid long-haulers prompted her to finally launch it this year

By Courtney DuChene

Citizen of The Week: Brandon “B.McFly” Chastang

The West Philly native preaches sobriety, recovery and love to 93,000 Instagram followers and in a popular podcast. The key? Being “transparent” about his own lived experience

By Brandon Dorfman

Guest Commentary: Students should have access to menstrual supplies. Period.

A local pediatrician was shocked to hear about a patient missing school because of her period. In honor of Period Action Day on October 9th, she offers ways to help girls and women overcome "period poverty"

By Rebecca Whitmire