Guest Commentary: Should PA Criminalize Safe Injection Sites?

Two addiction professionals say state and city legislatures need more information before voting to prohibit — or legalize — safe consumption sites

By Jonathan J. Koehler and Alexandra Koehler

Listen: Ali Velshi on Gender-Affirming Care for Transgender Youth

MSNBC anchor and Citizen Board member says most Americans don't know anyone who's trans, yet many oppose the most common and life-saving healthcare for trans youth — because they don't know what it is

By Ali Velshi

Business for Good: PatientWing

Almost 86 percent of clinical trials for new drugs are delayed because researchers can’t find enough patients to take part. A local entrepreneur is filling that gap all over the world

By Courtney DuChene

What’s (almost) as Bad as Brain Cancer?

When a Citizen editor’s sister gets glioblastoma, her doctors recommend a cutting-edge treatment. Then she rams into the great American healthcare wall: Insurance.

By Lauren McCutcheon

Guest Commentary: How will the Next Mayor Address Mental Illness?

Local mental health advocates call on mayoral candidates to address the underlying issue that affects, crime, drugs, homelessness and growth

By Marc Pomper and Elizabeth Sinclair Hancq

Michael Eric Dyson’s Black History Month All Stars

All Star#17: Ethel Allen

By Michael Eric Dyson

What We Can Learn From John Fetterman

The Senator’s public admission of his mental health struggles sends an important signal — especially, a young Philadelphian argues, for other men

By Jemille Q. Duncan

Chasing Every Cure

Penn physician David Fajgenbaum and his team had a plan to repurpose existing drugs to cure 12,000 known diseases. Now, with Bill Clinton’s help, they're working to change healthcare as we know it

By Jessica Blatt Press