“Healed Men Heal Men”

Founded by women, Philly-based Black Men Heal is helping to address the emotional pain of African American men around the country

By James Peterson

Ideas We Should Steal: Reduce Gun Violence with Cognitive Behavior Therapy

A program in Massachusetts and Baltimore trains shooters to refrain from shooting by literally changing their minds

By Roxanne Patel Shepelavy

Guest Commentary: The Other Black Health Crisis

Over 100,000 Americans suffer from sickle cell disease, most of them African American. A local state rep urges federal health authorities to do more to help

By Stephen Kinsey

“What More Can We Do?”

The Citizen’s co-founder seeks to answer that question by bringing together 20 local leaders to solve one of Philly’s most pressing issues: Health disparity

By Ajay Raju

Guest Commentary: Keeping Mothers—and Their Babies—Alive

Black women made up 43 percent of births in Philly but 73 percent of pregnancy-related deaths from 2013 to 2018. We must, the Science Center’s CEO urges, commit more resources in maternal health—and the leaders close to the cause

By Tiffany Wilson

Your Miserable ER Experience Isn’t Just Because of Covid

Will the pandemic be a wake-up call about the weaknesses in emergency care? Or will it be a death blow? The answer is in what we do next. 

By Christine Speer Lejeune

Food Waste? There’s An App For That.

Since 2014, Food Connect has tackled rampant food waste and hunger by solving the problem of logistics: connecting people in need of food with people who have excess

By Christina Griffith

Citizens of the Week: Lynette Medley and Nya McGlone

The mother-daughter duo’s own experience with “period poverty” inspired their Germantown nonprofit No More Secrets, which has distributed over 4 million menstrual products to women experiencing “period poverty” in the last year. 

By Courtney DuChene