Listen: Ali Velshi Pays Tribute to Dr. Anthony Fauci

MSNBC host Ali Velshi bids a fond farewell to Dr. Anthony Fauci, "America's Doctor," after 38 years of service to the U.S.

By Ali Velshi

15 Ways Philadelphians Can Give Back this Thanksgiving

However you feel about the holiday — its lore, its food, its super-spreader potential — you can still use it as a chance to do good. Here, some simple, impactful tips to get started.

By Ethan Young

Ideas We Should Steal: A Comprehensive Approach to Mental Health Care

An Oklahoma program helps save police resources and provide better care for residents in distress. Could Philly do the same to combat our mental health care crisis?

By Jessica Blatt Press

Guest Commentary: A Win On Abortion Means a Win For America

A local basketball coach and father of young men wonders if a middle path on abortion is the way America can survive this political moment

By Seth Berger

Guest Commentary: Extracurriculars Keep Our Students Safe

Despite the horrible shooting outside a Roxborough High School football game last month, a longtime educator points to evidence that out of school activities are still the right thing for Philly kids

By David P. Hardy

Generation Change Philly: The Healthcare Revolutionary

Penn Medicine’s Shreya Kangovi has created a community health model that has worked with 16,000 Philadelphians and has been replicated in 18 states. The key? Listening

By Natalie Pompilio

The Citizen Recommends: Walk to Stamp out Parkinson’s

How a small nonprofit with a big mission to raise funds for research and patient support turned inward to ensure it was serving the most vulnerable — Parkinsonians of color

By Lauren McCutcheon

Citizens of the Week: Kerri Conner Matchett and Anita Conner

A mother and daughter who are living through breast cancer help other Black women access the care they need and deserve

By Lisa Bryant