Do Philadelphia’s Mayoral Candidates Care About the Environment?

Here’s why the managing editor of EcoWURD is doubtful about Cherelle Parker and David Oh

By Charles D. Ellison

What We Talk About When We Talk About Sustainability

Newish SBN Executive Director Devi Ramkissoon spent most of her career helping businesses in developing countries become engines of poverty relief. Here’s how she plans to do the same in Philadelphia

By Roxanne Patel Shepelavy

City Council Election 2023: John B. Kelly III Wants Philly to Own Green Energy

The son, grandson and nephew of the famous Philadelphia (and Monaco) Kellys is running for Councilmember at-large with a plan to transform PGW for a sustainable future

By Erin Flynn Jay

Guest Commentary: How To Keep Our Drinking Water Safe

Last month’s toxic spill in Otter Creek could have been an environmental catastrophe. A watershed protection expert lays out what we need to do to ensure our rivers stay clean for all Philadelphians

By Nathan Boon

Ideas We Should Steal: Mayor’s Youth Climate Action Council

In L.A. and other cities, young people influence local climate policy and enact climate fixes — while learning what it means to be an engaged citizen. It’s time Philly joins the movement

By Courtney DuChene

Ideas We Should Steal: Chief Heat Officer

At least seven cities worldwide have officials solely focused on mitigating rising heat. An event at Penn this week will lay out why that could help Philadelphia’s most vulnerable

By Diana Lind

Earth Day Philadelphia Guide

More than 50 years after the holiday began, there are more reasons — and more ways — than ever to combat climate change, right here in Philly

By Lauren McCutcheon and Christina Griffith

The Citizen Recommends: City Bright Philadelphia Saturday Cleanup

A local nonprofit combines picking up litter with help for people who are homeless. You’re invited to their next event

By Christina Griffith