Roadblocking the War on Litter

Are city rules unintentionally creating more litter?

By Jon Geeting

Citizens of the Week: Kim Celano and Phillip Smith

Two student advocates launched Free Food @ Temple to decrease campus waste and help hungry students find a meal

By Katherine Rapin

Business for Good: The Fruit Hackers

Philly-based Strella Biotech aims to eliminate food waste, a major factor in climate change—and save food distributors hundreds of thousands of dollars

By Brianna Baker

Can Big Money Rescue the Climate?

Fixing the environment is a moral—and financial—imperative. Already, Drexel’s Metro Finance Lab director notes, 2020 is proving transformative

By Bruce Katz and Colin Higgins

Guest Commentary: The New EPA?

Penn Med’s Chief Innovation Officer with a tongue-in-cheek proposal for environmental “protection” under Pres. Trump

By Roy Rosin

Guest Commentary: How to Fix the PES Refinery Mess

A Drexel University class studied ways to mitigate what happens to Philly’s PES refinery site. Here, a student lays out proposals to benefit those who most need it: Philly residents

By Benjamin Winkler

Guest Commentary: Say No to Methane

Methane emissions fuel the climate crisis and cost taxpayers millions of dollars annually. A clean air advocate urges a stop to proposed EPA rules allowing more of it.

By Joseph Otis Minott

Guest Commentary: The Climate Movement’s Diversity Problem

The co-founder of environmental B Corp rePurpose demands a seat at the table for those most affected by climate change: young people of color

By Peter Wang Hjemdahl