Book Excerpt: Grace and Grit In a West Philly Boxing Gym

A local photographer’s new book features the “rich beauty” of the athletes, trainers and family of West Philly’s James Shuler Memorial Boxing Gym.

By Jano Cohen

The New Urban Order: The Sports Economy is More than Stadiums

Whether or not the Sixers get to build their downtown arena, the way we think about sports culture in cities is severely limited. Could a “Sports Mayor” help reshape what athletics mean to a city?

By Diana Lind

Big Rube’s Philly: Marc Jackson

The chef and photographer catches up with the former NBA player and current Sixers TV analyst, world traveler, fitness devotee and fashion plate

By Reuben Harley

12+ Women’s Spaces in Philadelphia

Where to find safe, fun, joyous and healthy activities by and for women on International Women’s Day and beyond

By Monica Constable

Dear Eagles Fans, Let Jason Kelce Retire

It’s time to say good-bye to Fat Batman. Not because he’s way past his football prime, but because we Eagles fans love him and his family too much to jeopardize his — and our — future together

By Olivia Kram

Jason Kelce, Our Favorite Psyop

Don’t let the conspiracy theories surrounding Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce distract you. The real person to watch is the Eagles’ belly-bearing, daughter-loving, Disney-going center for signs as to who’ll occupy the White House next year.

By Lauren McCutcheon

Citizen Horwitz

When the $38 million state-of-the-art Philly Youth Basketball facility opens next week, it will be thanks to an 80-year-old, prank-pulling, courtside-sitting cult figure. And then there’s the time he was tossed from an NBA game…

By Larry Platt

Eagles Fans, Let’s Turn our Crazy into a W

One diehard Birds fan believes Philly can — and should — channel all our anxiety and adrenaline into a win on Monday night. (It’s worked before.)

By Abigail Chang