Guest Commentary: “We Need To Do This”

A group of Philly high schoolers are playing football Tuesday to raise money for the mothers of shooting victims, and to connect with police officers. Their teacher asks the rest of us: What will you do to help?

By Maureen Gallagher Boland

The Problem With Aaron Rodgers

We champion athletes speaking out on social issues. What to do when they turn out to be not so bright?

By Larry Platt

Can Critical Race Theory Save Pro Sports?

Twenty-five years after publishing his seminal book on race and sports, a renowned Wharton emeritus professor looks back with some provocative rethinking

By Kenneth L. Shropshire

Liberation through Fitness

Philly nonprofit UliftU provides training and jobs for recently incarcerated Philadelphians while tackling chronic diseases in under resourced communities

By Christina Griffith

The Phillies Strikeout

Half the team is unvaccinated. Here's why Phillies manager Joe Girardi has failed the test of leadership by saying it's a "personal choice."

By Larry Platt

Guest Commentary: Finding a Middle Ground on Dirt Bikes

A scourge to some, an expression of joy to others, what to do about ATVs and dirt bikes is a perennial debate in Philly. Here, an idea for settling it once and for all.

By Quinn O'Callaghan

How The Sixers Can Save The City

Sports teams can make or break a city’s soul. Wednesday night’s loss was a historic collapse, but there’s one way the Sixers can save us from our angst tonight in Atlanta

By Larry Platt

The Citizen Recommends: Book Club With Sixers CEO Scott O’Neil

The new book from the hard-charging CEO of the Sixers and New Jersey Devils is a moving story of grief and healing, and a roadmap for personal success in business and in life.

By Larry Platt