How to Be a Trans Ally in Philly

Here, a look at ways we can all support the transgender community in Philadelphia.

By Kiersten A. Adams

Business for Good: Pound Cake

Camille Bell’s search for the perfect shade to “rock a red lip” prompted her to launch her own Philly-based lipstick brand tailored to every lip color. The first batch sold out in just 48 hours.

By Courtney DuChene

Why Democrats Lose

A transgender swimmer at Penn is setting NCAA records. Why haven’t we read about it in the Inquirer?

By Larry Platt

What We Can Learn from the Fight for Marriage Equality

At last week’s Citizen Speaks event, in partnership with Fitler Club and NBCUniversal, Sasha Issenberg discussed his new book, The Engagement, which recounts the fight for same-sex marriage in the United States.

By Jeffrey Fishman

15 LGBTQ+ Organizations in Philadelphia to Support

Lend time and/or money to these local organizations working to uplift our LGBTQ citizens by moving the needle on civil rights and social justice

By Isabelle Eisenberg

Citizen of the Week: Kemar Jewel

The Philly native and Temple-trained choreographer has gone viral with dances that celebrate the Black queer experience—and offer hope for all of us

By Jessica Blatt Press

Excerpt: The Engagement by Sasha Issenberg

The author of a new history of same-sex marriage joins The Citizen for an event next Tuesday. Here, an excerpt from the the highly acclaimed book.

Gloria Casarez | Philadelphia Women’s History Month All-Star

All-Star #5: Gloria Casarez