Art for Change: The Collaborator

Nia Benjamin makes experimental theater that’s not just experimenting on stage — it’s also experimenting with the process itself, allowing for collaboration and room to breathe

By Logan Cryer

Listen: Ali Velshi Banned Book Club on Melissa with Alex Gino

MSBNC's Ali Velshi speaks with the acclaimed trans author about the effects of book banning

By Ali Velshi

Enough of the Monkeypox B.S.

No, the virus doesn’t affect everyone equally. This platitude is outdated and hurts public health efforts

By Josh Kruger

Your Guide to Philly Pride 2022

Eat rainbow bagels, take a Philly queer trolley tour, check out Pride Night at the Franklin Institute and more fun ways to celebrate Pride in Philly this June

By Josh Middleton

Art for Change: The Trans Culture Documenter

The next in a series with Forman Arts Initiative profiles performer/photographer Sa’Mantha SayTen, who uplifts queer trans artists through her studio and her own story

By Morgan Nitz

How to Be a Trans Ally in Philly

Here, a look at ways we can all support the transgender community in Philadelphia.

By Kiersten A. Adams

Why Democrats Lose

A transgender swimmer at Penn is setting NCAA records. Why haven’t we read about it in the Inquirer?

By Larry Platt

What We Can Learn from the Fight for Marriage Equality

At last week’s Citizen Speaks event, in partnership with Fitler Club and NBCUniversal, Sasha Issenberg discussed his new book, The Engagement, which recounts the fight for same-sex marriage in the United States.

By Jeffrey Fishman