Listen: Ali Velshi Banned Book Club on how LGBTQ+ Books Literally Save Lives

The MSNBC host talks with PFLAG CEO Brian Bond on the role LGBTQ+ books play in the community and the harm book bans are doing

By Ali Velshi

Art for Change: The Composer’s Composer

Composer Bree Lowdermilk is bucking the norms of musical theater by writing shows with gender-expansive casts, taking feedback from 4-year-olds, and maybe even mounting a children’s musical on an abandoned pier.

By RJ Rushmore

Josh Kruger, Big-Hearted Philadelphian

The Citizen journalist who was tragically killed Monday morning was a passionate advocate for those who most needed it

By Roxanne Patel Shepelavy

Art for Change: The Reluctant Queer Futurist

Kah Yangni, muralist and illustrator, imagines a world where queer people are free to thrive

By RJ Rushmore

Listen: Ali Velshi Banned Book Club with Maulik Pancholy

The MSNBC host speaks with the actor and author of The Best At It, a middle-grades coming-of-age novel

By Ali Velshi

Bring Back Queer Radicalism

Rainbow capitalism and crosswalks are nice, but let’s not forget we need to demand our right to exist

By Josh Kruger

LGBTQ-Owned Shops, Restaurants, More in Philadelphia

Brick-and-mortar LGBTQ-owned businesses span all of Philly. Here, some that strive not just to sell, but also to do good in and beyond our city

By The Philadelphia Citizen Staff

Listen: Ali Velshi on Why Anti-LGBTQ+ Politics Fail

MSNBC anchor and Citizen Board member reports: The American people are overwhelmingly pro LGBTQ+ rights. So why is the far right attacking trans youth and Pride displays?

By Ali Velshi