Separating Fact From Fiction

At last week’s D.A. primary debate, candidates Larry Krasner and Carlos Vega both made—and disputed—various claims about their histories. In anticipation of another debate on WURD Wednesday, we fact-checked the back-and-forth

By Thomas Koenig

In Search of the Spirit of Reinvention

Philly is the nation’s first startup. So, in this budget season, why not put old talking points behind us…and pivot?

By Larry Platt

Row Office Revolt?

No, we’re not likely to get rid of the corruption-prone Sheriff's Office anytime soon. But a former city official has a solution for ensuring the office does right by residents.

By Lauren Vidas

Yo, Council: Go All the Way With Sheriff Reform

That means, Philly 3.0’s engagement director says, a charter amendment to eliminate the row office altogether

By Jon Geeting

Is Larry Krasner Really a Reformer?

Lost amid the safety versus reform back-and-forth of the DA’s race is a central question: Has DA Krasner reformed prosecution, or just not prosecuted?

By Larry Platt

Guest Commentary: “The Stakes of the D.A. Primary Could Not Be Higher”

District Attorney Larry Krasner responds to his opponent Carlos Vega's guest commentary on The Citizen last week

By Larry Krasner

Guest Commentary: The D.A. Race Is Not a Choice Between Reform and Safety

District attorney candidate Carlos Vega responds to last week’s guest commentary

By Carlos Vega

Ideas We Should Steal: Laws We Can Actually Understand

A group of law students in India is working to “translate” the country’s laws so that every citizen can understand their rights and responsibilities. A similar effort here could be one way to make our government more accessible to Philadelphians, too.

By Jemille Q. Duncan