Listen: What Philly Can Learn from America’s Fastest Growing City

Fort Worth Mayor Mattie Parker talks to our podcast hosts, former Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed and former Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter, about how she’s guiding her Texas city through a population boom that benefits everyone. Hint: It’s just common sense

By Roxanne Patel Shepelavy

Guest Commentary: Populism is an Expression of Optimism

A local Republican urges his party to embrace what unites regular Americans

By George Hofmann

Guest Commentary: Immigrants Are the Solution, Not the Problem

Michael Smerconish published a report last week on swing state voters’ fear about immigrants. But, the Welcoming Center’s President/CEO points out, the facts tell a different story

By Anuj Gupta

Recap: Let’s Hire an Attorney General!

The Citizen held its latest Ultimate Job Interview Monday for the state’s most important election. See what you missed, learn about the candidates — and vote

By Malcolm Burnley

Mark Squilla Loves The Process

The fate of the 76ers arena rests on one person’s shoulders (hint: it’s not our new mayor). Is this any way to run a city?

By Malcolm Burnley

Listen: Ali Velshi on Kamala Harris’ Visit to Planned Parenthood

The MSNBC anchor and Citizen Board member finds the vice president's visit to an abortion clinic historic — not just for the White House, but for the Democratic Party

By Ali Velshi

“What Does AG Stand For? Aspiring Governor”

Checking in with former Governor Tom Corbett, who spent 10 years as attorney general, on the one question he would ask this year’s AG candidates at our March 25 forum

By Larry Platt

You Know There’s an AG’s Race, Right?

The office of Attorney General might be the last line of defense for the Commonwealth against oncoming autocracy. So shouldn’t we pay attention to the candidates who want the job?

By Larry Platt