The Fix: Councilmanic Prerogative at its Worst

Councilmember Cindy Bass wants to ban new day cares from her district. As Philly 3.0’s engagement director notes, it’s a shameful example of how politics works here

By Jon Geeting

Kenney In Denial

When it comes to poverty, Philly remains in last place. So why does the Mayor sound like he’s satisfied?

By Larry Platt

Larry Krasner Is Right. Just Ask Him.

The district attorney is at the forefront of a social justice movement among prosecutors. He may want to consider adding some humility to his game

By Larry Platt

“These kids are not messing around”

Sick of our politics of bitterness and bile? Take a lesson from a couple 10-year-olds

By Jacob Kind

Open Wards for All

Want better democracy? Philly 3.0’s engagement director calls for a more democratic decision-making process among the lowest elected bodies in the city

By Jon Geeting

Tracking PA’s ‘Blue Wave’ in the Senate

As part of a series on the upcoming election, an urban demographer looks at how the state Senate races are likely to play out

By Jonathan Tannen

Reality Check: Kenney’s Community Schools Gap

Following the Mayor’s comments in D.C. last week, WURD’s afternoon host notes that the community schools effort could be a delicious hoagie...once they put the meats in it

By Charles D. Ellison

Steve Poses Takes On Trump

The chef responsible for Philly’s first restaurant renaissance is back with a plan to use food to turn Pennsylvania blue

By Larry Platt