The Trash Election?

Philadelphians are fed up with the garbage piling up on our streets. That’s why, Philly 3.0’s engagement director notes, the next mayor may be the one with a vision for cleaning up the city

By Jon Geeting

Emergency? What Emergency?

Councilmember Jamie Gauthier, Controller Rebecca Rhyhant and other elected leaders blasted Mayor Kenney yesterday for his inaction on gun violence. So what’s their plan?

By Larry Platt

Guest Commentary: Can We Make Philly a “City That Works?”

A former schools leader warns that, in a city that can't even reliably pick up residents' trash, change begins with expecting more from our officials

By Mark Gleason

Drawing the Lines

With City Council redistricting kicking off this fall, Philadelphia 3.0's director of engagement wonders: Will we be looking at contentious debates as members vie to hold onto their strongest voting blocs?

By Jon Geeting

“The Narrow Path That We’re Walking”

A historian’s look at the 1844 riots, policing and nativism in Philly reminds us that this democracy has always been fractured, fragile—and worth protecting

By Thomas Koenig

Does Council want to limit housing?

In the midst of an affordable housing crisis, City Council’s “zoning overlay” mania is out of control. Philly 3.0’s engagement director wonders: Where is Mayor Kenney?

By Jon Geeting

Should Mayor Kenney Resign?

A prominent pastor has called for Mayor Kenney to step down. Would that be a good thing?

By Larry Platt

Partners not Problems

When trash pickup was again delayed this week, it raised the question: Why doesn’t local government see its citizens as part of the solution? A former city official offers ideas for how the City can do better to meet our expectations

By Lauren Vidas