Cooperation Makes Good Environmental Policy

Republicans and Democrats have worked together for good, meaningful environmental regulation in the past. They should continue to do so in the new legislative session.

By Scott Martin

Guest Commentary: Why It’s Time for a Woman Mayor

The last 99 mayors of Philadelphia (i.e. all of them) have been men. Isn’t it time, one of the city’s top female executives says, for that to change?

By Judee von Seldeneck

Your City Defined: Home Rule Charter

Michael Nutter asked mayoral candidate Jeff Brown at a Citizen forum if he’d ever fully read the city’s governing document. Which made us wonder: Just what is it?

By Lauren McCutcheon

Future-Ready: The Future of City Leadership is Collaboration

A leader is someone who brings people together for the common good. A future of work expert and 10K Independents Project leader wonders which mayoral candidate would be collaborator-in-chief

By Anne Gemmell

What’s Ahead for the 2023 Philadelphia General Election

The May Primary will answer some questions about who will lead the City for the next four years. Philly 3.0’s engagement editor previews what will still be up in the air come November

By Jon Geeting

Now, We’ve Got a Mayor’s Race, Philly

Jeff Brown takes some hits. Cherelle Parker talks in the third person. Helen Gym moderates her decibel level. And no one will address Commissioner Outlaw's fate … The Mayor’s race is underway. How can we make this about you?

By Larry Platt

The Union League Stands Strong …

…against decency. The elite social club had a chance to rescind plans to give Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis its highest award. Instead, DeSantis will be honored today. What does that say about who they — and we — are?

By Roxanne Patel Shepelavy

The Emerging At-Large Primary Field for Philadelphia City Council

Philly 3.0’s engagement editor lays out what we know so far about who’s running for the citywide seats on the city’s legislative body

By Jon Geeting