The Buck Stops Elsewhere

With an election looming and body bags piling up at an alarming rate, can D.A. Larry Krasner skirt accountability?

By Larry Platt

Guest Commentary: How You Can Make Voting Fair in PA

Citizens are invited to apply this week to be the deciding vote on what new political districts look like in Pennsylvania. The Committee of 70's CEO lays out why that matters

By David Thornburgh

How Not To Blow The Stimulus Windfall

The city stands to receive $1.4 billion. How confident are you that the Kenney administration will put it to good use?

By Larry Platt

Guest Commentary: Do Philly Officials Have Confidence in Krasner?

State and local leaders refused to comment on the city’s district attorney to a Broad + Liberty reporter. Meanwhile, murders eclipsed the 100 mark

By Todd Shepherd

What the American Rescue Act Means for Philly

Congress just allotted a much-needed windfall to post-pandemic Philly. Now it’s time, Philly 3.0’s engagement director urges, to decide on our priorities

By Jon Geeting

Ideas, Please!

Two recent public policy press conferences raise the question: Do Philly leaders have any new ideas for old, intransigent problems? Maybe one gaping problem is an opportunity for new thinking

By Larry Platt

Guest Commentary: Time to Say Enough to Corruption

Union boss John Dougherty was indicted again this week, and 12 percent of City Council is facing corruption charges. One outraged elected official is calling for an end to the scourge of Philly politics

By Jared Solomon

Leaving Money on the Table

Rising house prices should mean rising tax revenue to help close Philly’s budget gap. Too bad, Philly 3.0’s engagement director notes, the City’s property office is still too dysfunctional to reassess values

By Jon Geeting