Potholes, Litter and Customer Service

Amid a tsunami of crises, there’s still a way for Jim Kenney to turn things around and bring the city back: Become a quality-of-life mayor

By Larry Platt

Watch: Mayors Michael Nutter and Kasim Reed

The fiery ex-mayors shared important lessons for successfully leading American cities at our annual Ideas We Should Steal Festival. For starters: You have to take care of the basics.

The Weirdest Senate Primary Race In The Nation

Carpetbaggers, 2020 election result deniers, candidates—including a celebrity TV doc—spending personal fortunes, and connections to Communist China and the Turkish army. Welcome to democracy, PA-style

By Larry Platt

Be a Political Changemaker

Want to have a small but meaningful influence in the upcoming elections? Philly 3.0's engagement director shows you how to run for a committee person seat in your voting district.

By Jon Geeting

Is It Time For a Citywide Vaccine Mandate?

Boston and New York City both instituted more sweeping vaccine mandates to keep their residents healthy. In Philly, we let Mummers strut. What more could Mayor Kenney do to ensure everyone gets their shots?

By Josh Kruger

Honey, Council Shrunk The Mayor

Mayor Kenney ended 2021 complaining that he’s responsible for things that are out of his control. Council President Darrell Clarke sees a power vacuum. Is that a good thing?

By Larry Platt

Krasner, Revealed

A well-reported Inquirer story about an exodus from the D.A.’s office and a PBS documentary series tell us who our district attorney really is—and why that’s hurting Philly

By Larry Platt

Turning the Tide on Gun Violence… Everywhere But Philly

Some big city mayors are saying enough is enough and are—finally—doubling down on smart policing and prosecution. Here in Philly? Not so much

By Larry Platt