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CitizenCast—Educating While Black

The co-founder of The Fellowship for Black Male Educators on how—and why—he became a teacher

The co-founder of The Fellowship for Black Male Educators on how—and why—he became a teacher

The Philadelphia Citizen podcast offers spoken versions of articles, deeper dives into the political, social and cultural workings of our city, explainers on the issues of our day, interviews, conversations and solutions. Lots of solutions. All to help you become a better citizen of your city.

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New Episode—CitizenCast: Educating While Black

Episode 1: The Perils of the Mariner East Pipeline [Jan 25, 2018]

Episode 2: MLK's "Burning House" [Jan 29, 2018]


Episode 3: What To Do About A Problem Like Pat Meehan [Jan 31, 2018]


Episode 4: Lessons From The High Line [Feb 2, 2018 ]


Episode 5: Desperate For Help [Feb 6, 2018]


Episode 6: Hey Eagles, Can You Do North Philly A Solid? [Feb 12, 2018]


Episode 7: America Won The Super Bowl [Feb 12, 2018 ]


Episode 8: The New Philadelphia Story [Feb 12, 2018]

Episode 9: A Temple Stadium Can Spur Growth [Feb 16, 2018]


Episode 10: Times up, Vince Fenerty! [Feb 19, 2018]

Episode 11: Ideas We Should Steal—Extreme Risk Protection Orders [Feb 23, 2018]


Episode 12: The Real Amazon Conversation [Feb 20, 2018 ]


Episode 13: Trust and Citizenship in the Trump Era [Feb 23, 2018]


Episode 14: Your City Defined: SEPTA Tokens [Feb 21, 2018 ]


Episode 15: Welcome To Oz [Feb 23, 2018 ]


Episode 17: Is This What Progress Looks Like? [Feb 26, 2018 ]


Episode 18: Inside Philly Trump Country [Feb 28, 2018]


Episode 19: Saving the Future One Kid At A Time [Mar 1, 2018]



Episode 20: Questions For The School Board [Mar 6, 2018]


Episode 21: The Beast [Mar 9, 2018]


Episode 22: Citizens of the Week: Student Gun Reform Activists [Mar 16, 2018]


Episode 23: What We Talk About When We Talk About Tax Collection [Mar 16, 2018 ]


The city is owed hundreds of millions in delinquent real estate taxes. With the proposal of yet another tax hike, why are some on Council standing in the way of collection?

Episode 24: Talking Gun Violence at the Rosenbach [Mar 19, 2018]

Last Wednesday, thousands of students from across Philadelphia and the country joined together for a day of walkouts—an opportunity to honor the 17 lost during the Parkland, Fl., shooting in February and to demand more comprehensive, common sense gun reform and action from policymakers.

The conversation continued at The Rosenbach last Thursday during a panel discussion, moderated by The Philadelphia Citizen’s own Executive Editor/Co-Executive Director Roxanne Patel Shepelavy, about gun policy and what the impact of various proposals could mean for Philadelphians.

The panel, called In Conversation with the Rosenbach: Flash Focus on Gun Policy, included Captain Martin Derbyshire, South Detective Division of the Philadelphia Police Department; Rose Cheney, retired director of the Firearm and Injury Center At Penn; and Hosea H. Harvey, associate professor at Beasley School of Law, Temple University.

While there’s no one answer to the question, “How do we end gun violence?” the panelists and the audience explored its legal, social and cultural underpinnings, local efforts to curb gun violence, and ways we could move forward on the issue.

Here, an edited podcast version of the event:

City Council Cheat Sheet: Episode 1 [Mar 9, 2018 ]

CitizenCast Events: Good Neighbors [Mar 13, 2018 ]

City Council Cheat Sheet: Episode 2 [Mar 20, 2018]

Ideas We Should Steal Revisited: Lower Voting Age to 16 [Mar 21, 2018 ]

Episode 25: Ideas We Should Steal: Children's Cabinet [Mar 20, 2018 ]

Episode 26: Ideas We Should Steal: Children's Cabinet [Mar 23, 2018 ]

Episode 27: Rage Against The Voting Machines [Mar 30, 2018 ]

Episode 28: Ideas We Should Steal: Threat Assessment Teams [Mar 30, 2018 ]

Episode 29: Las Voces de María/Voices of Maria: Melanie García [Apr 4, 2018]


Your City Defined: Cash Bail [Apr 5, 2018]

City Council Cheat Sheet [Apr 6, 2018]

Episode 30: Meet The Disruptor: Paige Price [Apr 9, 2018]

Episode 31: Las Voces de María/Voices of Maria: The Cabrera Family

Episode 32: Jumpstart Germantown [April 13, 2018]

Episode 33: The Dangers Of Disruption [April 15, 2018]

Episode 34: Ideas We Should Steal Revisited—Open Primaries [April 16, 2018]

Episode 35: Now Comes The Hard Part [April 18, 2018]

Episode 36: Larry Platt Talks Larry Krasner with Charles D. Ellison on WURD's Reality Check [Apr 18, 2018]

Episode 39: Get To Work [April 20, 2018]

Episode 40: "We Can't Waste This Moment" [April 23, 2018]

Episode 41: "The Trees Are The Lungs"

Episode 42: Ideas We Should Steal Revisited: Night Mayor


Episode 43: Reality Check: The Looming Public Housing Fiasco [May 1, 2018]

Episode 44: Our Electric Vehicle Gap [May 2, 2018]

Episode 45: City Council Cheat Sheet [May 4, 2018]

Episode #46: The Case of the Missing Millions [May 4, 2018]

Episode 47: Larry Platt Talks Meek Mill On WURD's Reality Check [May 6, 2018 ]

Episode 48: The Year of the Woman [May 9, 2018]

Episode 49: Ah, Nostalgia [May 10, 2018]

Episode 50: Your City Defined: The Office of Property Assessment [May 10, 2018 ]

Episode 51: Why Philly Should Bring Back the Rooming House [May 14, 2018]

Episode 52: Citizen of the Week: Kyle Shenandoah On WURD's Reality Check [May 14, 2018 ]

Episode 53: 19 Reasons to Vote Today [May 14, 2018]

Episode 54: Ideas We Should Steal: Free Rental Assistance [May 15, 2018]

Episode 55: Citizen of the Week: Scott Blunk [May 17, 2018]

Episode 57: Mark Dent on WURD's Reality Check with Charles D. Ellison

Episode 58: Mark Dent on WURD's Reality Check with Charles D. Ellison [May 21, 2018]

Episode 59: City Council Cheat Sheet [May 21, 2018]

Episode 60: Finally, A Business Leader Steps Up... [May 21, 2018]

Episode 61: Ideas We Should Steal: Tracing Illegal Guns

Episode 62: CitizenCast: Solutions Open Mic & Happy Hour

Episode 63: The Power of Coaching

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