The Mensch Postulate

How did Joe Biden become the antidote to Trumpism and coronavirus anxiety?

By Larry Platt

Philly’s Doomsday Election Night Scenario

A longtime political mad genius has an answer to Trump’s challenge to the legitimacy of November’s election. Oh yeah, and he just got out of prison.

By Larry Platt

Fixing Vote-By-Mail

The country can’t wait weeks for Pennsylvania to count votes in November. Thankfully, Philly 3.0’s engagement editor notes, some fixes might be on the way

By Jon Geeting

A World of Open Doors

Covid-19 and the George Floyd protests have revealed the failures of America both at home and to the rest of the world. The antidote is more openness, not less

By Ajay Raju

Guest Commentary: Remembering Ax Handle Saturday

Pres. Trump’s Republican Convention speech will be on the 60th anniversary of Jacksonville’s biggest anti-Black race riot. A local lawyer who grew up in the Florida town wants to ensure we remember the past

By Johnny Myers

Guest Commentary: George Floyd’s Ghost Is In Your Mirror

A white suburban father of three young black men on whom is really responsible for the injustice of our criminal justice system

By Seth Berger

Does Helen Gym Want Donald Trump To Be Re-Elected?

Even though Bernie Sanders has endorsed Joe Biden, questions remain about how supportive Democratic Socialists will ultimately be

By Larry Platt

Reality Check: Philly is Key to Trump’s PA Strategy

It’s too bad, WURD’s midday host contends, that the city can’t see that

By Charles D. Ellison