Ideas We Should Steal: Lawyers Stand Against Muslim Refugee Ban

Attorneys from major law firms and nonprofits alike banned together to help refugees planning to enter the United States in the wake of Trump's ban on Muslim travelers

By Jane Levy

The Citizen Recommends: Four Seasons Total Documentary

Big (huge!) thanks to MSNBC for bringing us Four Seasons Total Documentary, delving into just what actually happened on the one-year anniversary of the fiasco.

By Katherine Rapin

Is Trumpism Without Trump PA’s Future?

Eight of nine state representatives voted against certifying Joe Biden’s win last week. That, says Philly 3.0’s engagement director, may bode poorly for upcoming state elections

By Jon Geeting

Charlottesville Comes to the Capitol

A day after thugs waving confederate flags and wearing “Camp Auschwitz” sweatshirts breached the Capitol, a talk with a Trump-supporting Republican state senator offers some hope

By Larry Platt

Guest Commentary: The Politics of Witch Hunting

A local theater director on how Trump’s post-election Republican enablers have thrust us into a real-life version of Arthur Miller’s The Crucible

By David Bradley

Yo, Donald, This is How You Concede an Election!

Treasurer Joe Torsella’s moving concession video after his surprising loss appeals to our better angels—and is required viewing for these times

By Larry Platt

How Trump Could Win PA Even Without the Votes

State Republican legislators are looking for ways to challenge voting in Pennsylvania to allow for a Trump victory. Philly 3.0’s engagement director breaks down what that means

By Jon Geeting

Guest Commentary: What Do We Hold In Common?

Pres. Trump's refusal to agree to a peaceful transition of power reveals the dysfunction of American politics. One local resident wonders if there is reason for optimism amidst the current terror

By Thomas Koenig