Listen: Ali Velshi Speaks with Michael Cohen About — Who Else? — Donald Trump

MSNBC host and Citizen Board Member Ali Velshi chats with Donald Trump's former attorney, Michael Cohen, about Trump, the Republican Party and lessons learned (or not)

By Ali Velshi

Listen: Ali Velshi on How Trump Gaslit America

The MSNBC host and Citizen Board Member traces the origins of gaslighting — all the way up to Election Day

By Ali Velshi

Only Vigilance — and Voting — Can Protect Education

Education is a fundamental building block of democracy — which is why it’s become a prime target of attack. In Philadelphia and Pennsylvania and everywhere, we all must do our part to protect it

By Elaine Maimon

John Fetterman and the Politics of Hypocrisy

Progressives who dismiss the lingering speech issues from the candidate’s stroke run the risk of embodying what they decry

By Larry Platt

Mr. Schmidt Goes to Washington

Former City Commissioner Al Schmidt’s testimony this week before the Jan. 6 committee was a reminder that maybe integrity isn’t dead yet

By Larry Platt

LISTEN: Was Kushner Sealing Saudi Deal while Trump held Office?

Citizen Board Member and MSNBC host Ali Velshi asks: What is the Abraham Fund — and was it illegal?

By Ali Velshi

Ideas We Should Steal: Lawyers Stand Against Muslim Refugee Ban

Attorneys from major law firms and nonprofits alike banned together to help refugees planning to enter the United States in the wake of Trump's ban on Muslim travelers

By Jane Levy

The Citizen Recommends: Four Seasons Total Documentary

Big (huge!) thanks to MSNBC for bringing us Four Seasons Total Documentary, delving into just what actually happened on the one-year anniversary of the fiasco.

By Katherine Rapin