Do Something: Help Hydrate The Homeless

Deliver water bottles to Philadelphia's homeless population. Plus, support public art, engage with Iraqi refugees, and more ways to be an awesome citizen this week.


In the wake of a new temporary DA being named, a WURD host calls out the undemocratic process of choosing Kelley Hodge

By Charles D. Ellison

Guest Commentary: How to Make Philly a Publishing Hub

In response to our writer’s piece on recapturing Philly’s media heyday, a local journalist and software developer sees a path forward: Capitalizing on our indy media scene

By Davis Shaver

Meet the Disruptor: Paratodo

A young local fashion designer is upending the industry by making his clothes locally—and giving a piece of his profits to charity

By Annie McDonough

Building a Better Principal

The Philadelphia Academy of School Leaders trains the city’s best principals to be entrepreneurial thinkers. It may be the only way to succeed in the job

By Roxanne Patel Shepelavy

The Hang Out Cure

At a conference focusing on innovation and the future, former Massachusetts Governor William Weld broached an old-fashioned—but radical—idea that Pennsylvania pols need to hear

By Larry Platt

Do Something: Go Downward Dog

Do some vinyasas with your new adopted dog. Plus, learn about voter disenfranchisement, discuss healthcare solutions, and more ways to be an awesome citizen this week.

By Annie McDonough

The Once and Future Publishing Capital?

Let’s make Philly a major media hub. It would bring jobs, people and fun to Philly

By Diana Lind