CitizenCast: Reality Check with Roxanne Patel Shepelavy

Philly is the biggest city in the nation with no street cleaning. Instead we have a litter survey. Charles Ellison and our executive editor discuss some actionable ideas

The Value of the Abatement

In the last of a deep-dive series, a well-respected economist explains research that shows that market value of the tax abatement is genuinely high—but that most homebuyers still over-value it

By Kevin C. Gillen

Tracking PA’s ‘Blue Wave’ in the House

As part of a series on the upcoming election, an urban demographer looks at how the state house races are likely to play out

By Jonathan Tannen

Voting While Young

Philly 3.0’s engagement director breaks down Pennsylvania’s surge in youth voter registration

By Jon Geeting

The Citizen Recommends: Barnes Jawn(t)s

By inviting community activists to serve as docents and make up the stories behind its art, the Barnes is disrupting itself—and connecting to its founder’s anti-elitist philosophy

By Colin Lodewick

Do Something: Celebrate the Green Life

This week, learn about the origins of the #MeToo movement, boogie down for a cause, go green, and more!

By Maddie Martorano

Guest Commentary: Remember Philly

As college students prepare to return to local campuses, a recent Penn alum reflects on how they can—and should—give back to the city that gives them so much

By Rebecca Heilweil

Vets on a Mission

A veterans nonprofit deploys hundreds of volunteers into local schools with a mission taken from their time in uniform: Service

By Patrick Bilow