Ideas We Should Steal: Reduce Gun Violence with Cognitive Behavior Therapy

A program in Massachusetts and Baltimore trains shooters to refrain from shooting by literally changing their minds

By Roxanne Patel Shepelavy

Watch: Aqeela Sherrills on Brokering Peace

At our fourth annual Ideas We Should Steal Festival, the renowned peacemaker shared how he's had success fighting violence in Newark and Los Angeles through community-based intervention.

Between King and Guns

Today we honor the great American pacifist. But it turns out that King’s relationship to guns was more complicated than you might expect.

By James Peterson

Turning the Tide on Gun Violence… Everywhere But Philly

Some big city mayors are saying enough is enough and are—finally—doubling down on smart policing and prosecution. Here in Philly? Not so much

By Larry Platt

Guest Commentary: We Must Heal the Trauma

As we end a year with almost 550 homicides, an expert on the future of work offers five ways Philadelphia can help survivors move forward and live healthy, prosperous lives

By Anne Gemmell

The Real Story Behind Philly’s Violence Epidemic

D.A. Larry Krasner is in denial, the mayor has thrown up his hands, and the police commissioner has gone MIA. But maybe the ultimate solution to our historic scourge of violence lies beyond them, anyway

By Larry Platt

Guest Commentary: “We Need To Do This”

A group of Philly high schoolers are playing football Tuesday to raise money for the mothers of shooting victims, and to connect with police officers. Their teacher asks the rest of us: What will you do to help?

By Maureen Gallagher Boland

Reality Check: Could We Cut Philly Shootings By…Up To 93 Percent?

Multiple studies find that environmental fixes to low-income neighborhoods reduce gun violence dramatically. WURD’s midday host combines five of them into one bold plan

By Charles D. Ellison