Is Social Media Behind Philly’s Rise in Violent Crime?

Instagram feuds, Twitter taunts and online videos are taking the blame for several shootings over the last couple of years. The answer is old-fashioned communication

By Will Marani

Guest Commentary: The Team Philly Needs Now

A shooting survivor and anti-violence advocate has a plan — inspired by our pro sports teams — to get the whole city behind stopping violence

By LuQman Abdullah

City Council Election 2023: Jalon Alexander Thinks Tech Can Save Philly

The City Council at-large candidate’s vision includes better school funding, growing tech jobs … and Drone Force Philly

By Christina Griffith

“Our Children’s Killers Are Still Out There”

The police, DA and Sheriff’s Office have kicked off a new partnership to track down known homicide suspects. Will it help assuage the frustration of victims’ families?

By Mensah M. Dean

Listen: Ali Velshi on Protecting Our Children From Real Threats

It's guns, the MSNBC anchor and Citizen Board member asserts, not the knowledge that gay and trans people exist

By Ali Velshi

How To Really Run A City

By Ralph Thorn

Future-Ready: Policy Questions for Mayoral Candidates

The world — and our city — will transform over the next decade. What the next mayor does — or does not do — will shape the future, for better or worse.

By Anne Gemmell

Guest Commentary: Listen to Teens on Gun Violence

A North Philly native who was shot, spent time in prison, and now works in schools offers concrete ways to engage young people in ending the travesty of shootings

By LuQman Abdullah