The New Urban Order: The Supreme Court Will Decide if Homelessness is a Crime

How will the ruling in City of Grants Pass, Oregon, v. Gloria Johnson affect how Philadelphia addresses our own homelessness crisis?

By Diana Lind

A Healing Embrace

Homelessness can cut life expectancy by 20 years, in part because of health issues that particularly affect women. A new Project HOME safe haven offers women a place to heal

By Jessica Blatt Press

Guest Commentary: Is Philly Undercounting our Homeless Population?

Last month’s annual count of unhoused people helps determine federal funding for some of our most vulnerable citizens. So why isn’t it more accurate?

By Jacob Fuller

CITIZEN OF THE YEAR AWARDS: Sister Mary Scullion and Joan Dawson McConnon

Join us on January 30 to honor the Project HOME pioneers with a Lifetime Achievement Award

By Natalie Pompilio

15+ Ways to Help Others for Thanksgiving

Before and after you hunker down for the big meal, take time to make the holiday more special for your fellow Philadelphians.

By Ethan Young

Josh Kruger, Big-Hearted Philadelphian

The Citizen journalist who was tragically killed Monday morning was a passionate advocate for those who most needed it

By Roxanne Patel Shepelavy

“Homeless?” “Unhoused?” Who Cares?

What you call our neighbors who live on the street doesn’t matter, a writer who was homeless argues. What matters is that we have the means to bring them inside — but choose not to

By Josh Kruger

The Citizen Recommends: City Bright Philadelphia Saturday Cleanup

A local nonprofit combines picking up litter with help for people who are homeless. You’re invited to their next event

By Christina Griffith