Who is Derek Green?

The two-term City Councilmember is now running for Mayor of Philadelphia. Here’s what you need to know about him.

Who is Derek Green?

The two-term City Councilmember is now running for Mayor of Philadelphia. Here’s what you need to know about him.

On September 6, City Councilmember Derek Green became one of the first candidates to announce his official bid to be the next mayor of Philadelphia, following Jim Kenney’s eight-year tenure.

The two-term City Councilmember-at-large was formerly a staffer to Councilmember Marian Tasco, and an assistant district attorney. As head of Council’s Finance Committee, Green was instrumental in negotiating for a business tax cut in this year’s city budget — something that has led to him being called a moderate Democrat amidst a sea of progressives. He serves as National President of Democratic Municipal Officials and as a Board/Executive Member of the National Leagues of Cities.

Upon embarking on his second term as city councilmember, Green said poverty was the city’s most pressing issue: “Everything goes through the prism of poverty, from criminal justice to housing to education to homelessness to food.”

Here’s what else we know about Derek Green

Derek Green, City Council Philadelphia
Photo by Jared Piper / Philadelphia City Council

1. HE PUSHED FOR AND HELPED SHEPHERD THROUGH, LEGISLATION FOR ESTABLISHING A PUBLIC BANK in Philly, which he says “ would be yet another contribution to the supports finally being offered to minority-owned businesses in Philadelphia.” (Not everyone thinks this is a good idea.)

2. HE IS AN ADVOCATE for a regional approach to governance and economic development, as he demonstrated at this Citizen event last year.

3. HE HAS PUSHED FOR CHANGES TO OUR ELECTORAL SYSTEM to make it more responsive to citizens, including through his “civics agenda.” That has included a push for ranked choice voting.

4. HE IS A PRACTICAL POLICYMAKER, who says he believes the City can both support business growth and those most in need. He has advocated for City Council term limits, bonuses for new Philadelphia police officers, security deposit alternatives and wage tax cuts.

The Citizen’s coverage of Derek Green

Derek Green in video

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