What’s Missing From This Picture?

A handful of ward leaders are choosing the nominees in special elections. There’s one thing missing from this insider, backroom process: You!

By Jon Geeting

How to Start a Voter Registration Drive

12 steps to running a safe, legal and effective voter registration sign up by the May 2 deadline

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How to Vote in the 2022 PA Primary

Everything you need to know about voting in Philadelphia before (or during) the 2022 primary election on May 17.

By The Philadelphia Citizen Staff

Be a Political Changemaker

Want to have a small but meaningful influence in the upcoming elections? Philly 3.0's engagement director shows you how to run for a committee person seat in your voting district.

By Jon Geeting

What Do The Election Results Really Say for Philly?

Progressives got shellacked. Will Philly Dems double-down on democratic socialism—or finally embrace being a governing party?

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Guest Commentary: 12 Candidates for 12 Judicial Vacancies—An Electoral Joke

A prominent public interest attorney walks us through the farce of electing judges in Philadelphia

By Richie Feder

Guest Commentary: Unions Are On the Ballot This Election Season

Judicial elections, a local union head notes, can have lasting impacts on labor in Pennsylvania. That’s why everyone needs to cast a ballot.

By Chris Woods

It’s Voting Season in PA!

Mail-in ballots for the 2021 general election in Pennsylvania are on their way to your mailbox. Here’s what you need to know to vote this fall.

By Josh Middleton