Guest Commentary: Mayoral Candidates, Stop the Public Education Platitudes

Voters deserve to know how the next Mayor of Philadelphia will build the new Board of Education — and, a longtime education advocate says, how they’ll hold that board accountable

By Debra Weiner

Arena? What Arena?

Former mayors Rendell and Street say the fate of a new Sixers arena should be left to the next Mayor and Council. But do the mayoral candidates want any part of it?

By Larry Platt

A New Reality for Pennsylvania Republicans

The state’s GOP has taken a lot of hits over the last few years. A local Republican wonders if his party can adapt

By Guy Ciarrocchi

LISTEN: How to Really Run a City — and be Bipartisan

On episode 4 of The Citizen’s podcast, hosts Michael Nutter, Kasim Reed and Larry Platt talk with Republican OKC Mayor David Holt, who models pragmatism like no other leader today

By Jessica Blatt Press

Mystery Shopper: Being a Poll Worker in Philadelphia

Wondering what it’s like to be a poll worker for an election in Philadelphia? In the latest installment of our Mystery Shopper column, a local student shares his experience.

Who’s Running for Philadelphia City Council?

We’ve got your list of primary incumbents and challengers for City Council right here.

By The Philadelphia Citizen Staff

Lessons from Chicago

Paul Vallas’ primary defeat of Lori Lightfoot — Paul Vallas! — holds many object lessons for mayoral candidates in Philadelphia

By Larry Platt

Mystery Shopper: Registering to Vote in Pennsylvania

How hard is it for a first-time voter to register in PA? In the latest installment of our Mystery Shopper column, a Philly student finds out