Guest Commentary: Why Philly Needs a Public Bank

Councilmember Derek Green responds to the Citizen co-founder’s critique of his bill proposing a taxpayer-funded bank for Philadelphia

By Derek Green

The Folly of a Public Bank

Councilman Derek Green’s bill puts you, the taxpayer, in the banking business. What problem does it solve—and create?

By Larry Platt

Is Ranked-Choice Voting in Philly’s Future?

Councilmember Derek Green wants to bring the polling method here—which could, Philly 3.0’s engagement director says, help elect the people’s choice in an especially competitive 2023 race.

By Jon Geeting

Watch: Meet the Electeds—Resurrecting Regionalism

At our latest virtual event, The Citizen welcomed leaders from Philly and the “collar counties” for a lively conversation about moving our region forward—together.

By Jessica Blatt Press

Philadelphia Mayor’s Race: Pros and Cons of Eight Likely Candidates

What do Allan Domb and Cindy Bass’ call this week for mass vaccinations, Rebecca Rhynhart’s recent critical report on the Kenney administration, and Jeff Brown’s plans to run for mayor all signal? That we’re closer to 2023 than you might think.

By Larry Platt

Ideas We Should Steal: Security Deposit Alternatives

An option for a security deposit insurance program is helping landlords and tenants fill 400,000 apartments nationwide, including some in Philly. Should it become law here, as it is in Cincinnati?

By Jill Harkins

That’s A Wrap

What bills passed—and didn’t—in City Council’s final session of the year

By Jon Geeting

City Council, The Comeback?

Our legislative body might be starting to think about, uh, actually legislating…now let’s reward them for flirting with substance

By Larry Platt