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Welcome to The Philadelphia Citizen, the only local nonprofit, nonpartisan media outlet that combines solutions-based journalism, calls to action and civic-minded events with the goal of bolstering democracy in the American city where it was born.
We’re here for one reason: Philadelphia. 

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Media that only chronicles what’s wrong without considering how to fix things is only doing half a job. The Philadelphia Citizen looks at problems through the lens of solutions, seeks fixes to what ails the city, shines a light on our city’s change agents, and demands a new way of thinking from the business-as-usual crowd. 

Our daily reporting chronicles businesses doing good, citizens jumping into the fray, ideas we should steal from other cities, homegrown solutions addressing everything from poverty to education to corruption in our politics. We call our elected officials to account and we amplify community voices that speak to our times. We also send out a weekly newsletter on Fridays that compiles our latest stories.


The Citizen provides practical ways for every Philadelphian to become a more active participant in the life of our city. Our Civic Engagement team pairs every article with discrete calls to action; connects problem-solvers to those looking for ways to engage; and helps folks find their own path to becoming a truly engaged citizen. Look for ways to make our democracy stronger, do your part to help local schools and teachers, vote on ideas that can move the city forward, and come together to brainstorm solutions in real-time. 

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We bring our particular brand of solutions journalism to life through a regular series of events that range from one-on-one conversations with big thinkers, to panel discussions with changemakers, to our annual Ideas We Should Steal Festival®, in which we bring problem-solvers from around the country to Philly to share what they know about addressing cities’ biggest hurdles.

A few of our past speakers include: comedians John Oliver and Roy Wood, Jr.; authors Piper Kerman, Kiley Reid, Jennifer Weiner, Anand Giridharadas; Mayors Nan Whaley (Dayton), Svante Myrick (Ithaca), Paige Gephart Cognetti (Scranton), Randall Woodfin (Birmingham), Sly James (Kansas City), Kasim Reed (Atlanta); professors Eddie Glaude, Jr., Michael Eric Dyson and Eric Klinenberg; business leaders Nick Hanauer, Sarah Kunst, Josh Kopelman, David Adelman, Jerry Sweeney and Della Clark; and many, many more. 

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The Philadelphia Citizen is the region’s only member-supported, nonprofit, nonpartisan digital news organization with an emphasis on covering civic solutions and stimulating action to move the city forward. As a member, your contributions go directly to supporting this mission. You can go even further and become a Super Citizen Member, which also offers memberships to Committee of Seventy and Young Involved Philadelphia.


Corporate and foundation sponsors support The Philadelphia Citizen’s belief that promoting greater civic engagement and informed discourse is a direct route to a better and more productive Philadelphia.


If you don’t see an opportunity that fits what you’re looking for, send your resume to [email protected]. We are always interested in meeting passionate Philadelphians to find out how we can work together.


I am more than a resident of Philadelphia.
I am its citizen.
And I dedicate myself to the betterment of my home.
I will stand while others sit.
I will speak when there is silence.
I will read. I will act. I will vote.
I will challenge authority, and challenge myself.
I will grow and learn. I will seek out inspiration.
And I will become an inspiration to others.
I stand for Philadelphia.
It is my home.
And I am its citizen.

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