Reality Check: Philly Knows How to Fix our Gun Violence Problem

So why, WURD’s midday host wonders, won’t it do so? Here, some proven ways to combat the scourge of shootings in Philly

By Charles D. Ellison

Reality Check: Honor This, City Council

Our legislators spend a ridiculous amount of time issuing honorifics, rather than actually legislating to solve Philly’s problems. WURD’s midday host offers a better way

By Charles Ellison and Mark Gleason

Reality Check: Beating the Heat

New York and Baltimore are handing out free air conditioners to low-income seniors most at risk of heat-related illness and Covid-19. Why, WURD's midday host wonders, isn’t Philly doing the same?

By Charles D. Ellison

Reality Check: Reinventing the Police Advisory Commission Wheel

Three years ago, Mayor Kenney “reestablished” the department’s civilian oversight board. So, WURD’s afternoon host wonders, what’s so different this time?

By Charles D. Ellison

Reality Check: Even a pandemic can’t stop the murders

Philly’s homicide rate continues to rise, even during the quarantine. Where, WURD’s mid-day host wonders, is Danielle Outlaw in all this?

By Charles D. Ellison

Reality Check: Get The Kids Connected Already

It’s nearly 50 days into the pandemic and thousands of school kids still aren’t able to access online learning. WURD’s midday host wonders, why can’t we be more like Detroit?

By Charles D. Ellison

Reality Check: Unprecedented Doesn’t Mean Unexpected

The City, like the country, was unprepared for Covid-19, WURD’s midday host contends. How do we do better now?

By Charles D. Ellison

Reality Check: We Shouldn’t Have To Pick Sides Over Gun Violence

People are being shot while the Mayor Jim Kenney and the D.A. Larry Krasner snipe at each other. Where, WURD’s midday host wonders, are the leaders we need?

By Charles D. Ellison