Medicine of and for the people

Is a vaccine collaboration between Penn and West Philly faith leaders a roadmap to more equitable healthcare?

By Katherine Rapin

The Optimist

Every day, Kevin Mahoney, CEO of University of Pennsylvania Health System, is rethinking the future of health care and partnering with anyone who buys into his vision. All this despite that 1.98 college GPA.

By Christine Speer Lejeune

“Putting Race At The Forefront”

At Penn Medicine, white workers were three times more likely to sign up for a vaccine than Black workers. Dr. Florencia Greer Polite and fellow Black physicians set out to change that with a program getting noticed across the country

By Katherine Rapin

WATCH: 5 Things We Learned From Roy Rosin

During a virtual event, Penn Medicine’s Chief Innovation Officer talked about solving problems by asking “how” not “can”

By Jessica Blatt Press

Meet the Disruptor: Roy Rosin

Penn Medicine’s guru of innovation may be the smartest person in Philly you haven’t heard of

By Larry Platt

Modeling The Pandemic

Penn Medicine and Code for Philly have developed a tool that predicts local hospital surges due to Covid-19. Its ultimate accuracy depends on you

By Andy Metzger

Philly Biotech Is On It

Will Center City’s Biomeme, and other local medical research facilities, be part of the national solution to the coronavirus?

By Andy Metzger

Texting To The Rescue

A team at Penn Medicine may have found a way to save hundreds of new moms’ lives with a simple—but incredibly effective—tool

By Jill Harkins