The Fourth of July Voices We Need to Read Now

July 4th means different things to different Americans. Here, a host of Independence Day perspectives — from Frederick Douglass, Susan B. Anthony, Ronald Reagan and more — that remind us what it means to be free

By Roxanne Patel Shepelavy

Now is the Time to Protect DREAMers

A rare lame duck session of Congress provides opportunity to protect Americans who arrived to the U.S. as children

By Elaine Maimon

The Citizen Recommends: WURD Radio Founder’s Day

The free, ninth annual day of discussion returns to carry on the legacy of Walter P. Lomax Jr. and of one of only three Black-owned and operated talk radio stations in the U.S.

By Christina Griffith

Watch: Citizen Book Club with Dan Pfeiffer

The author, podcaster and political insider spoke to a Philadelphia Citizen audience about uniting America by telling the truth.

By Lauren McCutcheon

Reality Check: A Winnable Gun Debate

A ban on “battlefield weapons” could keep casualties from mass shootings down. That, WURD’s afternoon host contends, should be the sole message from gun control advocates

By Charles D. Ellison

Trump v. The Media

Feeling anxious with every headline from D.C.? On Tuesday, join a panel of journalists from the frontlines to talk about why a free press matters

By Larry Platt

Ah, Nostalgia

Philly native Pat Cunnane’s Obama White House memoir takes us back to what feels like decades ago

By Larry Platt

“Black History is Yours to Make”

A Mastery principal who boycotted the NFL this year is grateful to the Eagles—for helping him demonstrate that activism matters

By Sharif El-Mekki