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Who Is Larry Krasner?

A quick and informative look at the district attorney of Philadelphia

Who Is Larry Krasner?

A quick and informative look at the district attorney of Philadelphia

Larry Krasner is the current district attorney of Philadelphia. He has held that position since 2018.

He was born in St. Louis, Missouri, in 1961 and moved to Philadelphia with his family as a child. He graduated from Conestoga High School, and earned degrees from the University of Chicago and Stanford University Law School.

Before assuming the role of district attorney in Philadelphia, he worked for the Federal Public Defender’s Office and eventually opened his own practice, where he specialized in civil rights cases. In particular, he made his reputation on cases involving police brutality; over the course of his career, he sued the Philadelphia Police Department 75 times.

Krasner ran for district attorney of Philadelphia in 2017 on a platform of progressive criminal justice reform. He vowed to reduce incarceration rates in Philadelphia by ending criminal charges for marijuana possessions, ending cash bail for those facing misdemeanors and/or nonviolent felonies, and calling for more police accountability. You can read more about his campaign promises here, and see how well he kept them here.

You can read more about his background here. And, go here to watch Philly D.A., an eight-part Independent Lens documentary about his first term.

Krasner was re-elected for a second term in 2021 with 71 percent of the vote.


The Citizen has covered the Philadelphia DA extensively since he began his campaign in 2017. We have published guest commentaries praising his work to disrupt the District Attorney’s Office; we’ve written pieces questioning his ability to create real criminal justice reform; and he’s even written op-eds on our site.


Philadelphia DA Larry Krasner announces announce the enforcement of the city’s Failure to Report Lost or Stolen Firearm code.
Larry Krasner | Photo Photo courtesy of Jared Piper for Philadelphia City Council


Philadelphia district attorney Larry Krasner
Photo via Flickr


District Attorney Larry Krasner
Header photo by Matt Rourke / AP



Header photo: Kristi Petrillo


Header photo courtesy of Larry Krasner for DA

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