Hannah Keyser, writer
Hannah Keyser, writer

Hannah Keyser is a Philadelphia-area native and graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, where she spent years trying to learn to read hieroglyphics. These days she lives and writes in Brooklyn, NY with two cats and one tall man.


Stories by admin:

Mystery Shopper: Being a Poll Worker in Philadelphia

Wondering what it’s like to be a poll worker for an election in Philadelphia? In the latest installment of our Mystery Shopper column, a local student shares his experience.

The “Defense Dividend” In Cities

As Congress considers increasing aid for the Ukraine and Israel wars, Drexel’s Metro Finance head explores what that more military spending could mean for cities like Philadelphia

Listen: Who Is David Adelman?

A conversation with the local entrepreneur, philanthropist and 76ers Place exec on how he got here, and what he’s learned

How Cities Navigate the New Economic Order

This moment in history is scrambling how cities have operated for decades. Now, Drexel’s Metro Finance chief notes, is the time to find our place

Ideas We Should Steal: Becoming a Manufacturing Hub

Pennsylvania lags behind Ohio, Michigan and other states in an economy-boosting 21st century manufacturing resurgence. Drexel’s Metro Finance head lays out what PA must do to catch up

Can Cities Play in the Industrial Transition?

The Cincinnati Jobs Bond shows how cities can participate in an industrial resurgence. The head of Drexel’s Nowak Metro Finance Lab lays out the case for replicating it in other legacy industrial cities, like Philadelphia.

Character Lab: Setting The Table — For Success

The latest installment in our partnership with Character Lab, co-founded by MacArthur Award-winner Angela Duckworth, highlights a study that found one solution to encouraging kids to eat healthy foods. Could the secret to positive decision-making at the dinner table — and beyond — lie in human connection?

Are Cities Ready for a Manufacturing Renaissance?

As a new industrial transition hits the U.S., Drexel’s Metro Finance head lays out how Philly and other cities can capitalize on the boom

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