What the Fight Over the Columbus Statue Is Really About

The fight in South Philly is a proxy for the divide that threatens to engulf all of us. Why can’t two opposing sets of facts be true at the same time?

By Larry Platt

Mystery Shopper: How hard is it to get rid of illegal dumpsters?

Residents of one South Philly block tried for months to get the City to take action against businesses piling garbage on their street. Why is it so hard to get anyone to listen?

The Bok Evolution

Six years ago, developer Lindsey Scannapieco set out to turn an old South Philly school building into a space for Philly’s creative class. She overcame neighborhood skeptics to become so much more.

By Christine Speer Lejeune

Answering the—many—calls

South Philly’s SEAMAAC has fed thousands of people since March, while continuing to push the vote and the census—missions more aligned than you might think

By Jessica Blatt Press

The Truth on the Ground

The winners of last year’s Jeremy Nowak Urban Innovation Award took a deep dive into Grays Ferry. Here’s what they learned.

By Jessica Blatt Press

Foodizen: Not Cambodia Town

Our series on the nexus of food and culture explores the flavors of the South Philly area around Mifflin Square Park, one of the most diverse neighborhoods in the city

By Jason Wilson

The Magic Garden

A student-led effort for a multi-generational garden aims to break ground this spring behind a South Philly high school near Cambodia Town, where growing food meets cultural preservation

By Katherine Rapin

Inside Philly Trump Country

Jim Kenney may have grown up in South Philly, but one ward there is all about the president

By Mark Dent