Art for Change: Your Local (Art) DJ

Video artist Rashid Zakat’s Revival! ingeniously mixes R&B, cartoons, TikToks and gospel. Now, he’s dreaming of becoming Philly’s foremost (only?) art DJ

By Logan Cryer

Art for Change: The TikTok Historian

Isa Segalovich brings critical race theory to the short video site. Can she defy the platform’s notorious frivolity in favor of serious discussion?

By RJ Rushmore

Listen: Ali Velshi Banned Book Club with Hassan Abbas

The MSNBC host speaks with the professor about the fallout from his book, The Return of the Taliban: Afghanistan After the Americans Left

By Ali Velshi

Is Social Media Behind Philly’s Rise in Violent Crime?

Instagram feuds, Twitter taunts and online videos are taking the blame for several shootings over the last couple of years. The answer is old-fashioned communication

By Will Marani

Sit On It, Neighbor

Stoop (step?) sitting is fundamental to Philly rowhome living. Let’s bring it back, for all of our sakes

By Josh Kruger

Bucks County vs. Big Tech

Studies show TikTok and other social media apps cause mental harm to teens and pose a danger to the rest of us. Can action by a group of local officials curb their influence?

By Andy Bloom

The Local Company That Doesn’t Care About Your Search

Is it porn? Is it sports? Why is DuckDuckGo, the upstart challenger to Google, targeting bros?

By Jessica Blatt Press

Art for Change: The Arts Journalist

The next in a series with Forman Arts Initiative profiles Julia Marsh, new executive director and editor of Philly Artblog

By Morgan Nitz