Guest Commentary: On Rizzo, Columbus, and the Confederacy

As the statues fall, a Princeton grad and local resident warns that honestly confronting our past helps us reckon with the present

By Thomas Koenig

The Virus and the City: How To Grow Black Businesses

Post-Covid economic recovery requires providing opportunities for Black businesses to thrive. Drexel’s Metro Finance Director lays out a plan to do that

By Bruce Katz, Kevin Gillen, Ben Preis and Sharon Velasquez

Of Newsrooms and Race

Recent events at The Inquirer and The New York Times raise questions both about racial hierarchy and the commitment to open discourse

By Larry Platt

Yesterday’s Protests, Today

In 1967, thousands of students marched to protest inadequate schooling for Black Philadelphians. In this new moment of racial uprising, a group of high schoolers won the right to honor them.

By Isabel Mehta

Guest Commentary: Remembering Ax Handle Saturday

Pres. Trump’s Republican Convention speech will be on the 60th anniversary of Jacksonville’s biggest anti-Black race riot. A local lawyer who grew up in the Florida town wants to ensure we remember the past

By Johnny Myers

The Liberation Relay

Juneteenth, celebrating the end of slavery, is a City holiday for the first time today—but Black Americans’ fight for freedom is long and enduring

By James Peterson

The Virus and the City: What We Know About Black Businesses

Black-owned companies were struggling even before the pandemic. Armed with new data, Drexel’s Metro Finance Director offers a post-Covid game plan

By Bruce Katz, Kevin Gillen, Ben Preis and Victoria Orozco

Color of Coronavirus: Our Mournful Undertaking

The first in a series exploring Covid-19’s effects on Black Philadelphians asks: What else is lost when someone dies?

By James Peterson