The Reparations Trap

City Council’s task force faces a daunting task: How do you close our opportunity and wealth gaps without alienating key parts of a fragile coalition? Devin Cotten's Cleveland pilot might have an answer

By Larry Platt

What’s Behind Philly’s Racial Wealth Gap?

Philadelphia is among a group of cities that received funding to answer that question — and to come up with ways to address it

By Courtney DuChene

A Time To Weep

Yes, let’s celebrate our liberation on Juneteenth. But also, let’s remember the history that came before

By James Peterson

Philadelphia Celebrates Juneteenth 2024

A holiday with Philly roots includes some of the city's biggest events of the year, from Germantown to West Philadelphia to Southwest and Old City — and then some

By Abigail Chang and Lauren McCutcheon

Listen: Ali Velshi on the Need for DEI in Medicine

The MSNBC anchor and Citizen Board member on why hospitals — and Congress — must address the health care crisis of Black Americans.

By Ali Velshi

Listen: Ali Velshi Banned Book Club — Black Stories in Philadelphia

The MSNBC host and Citizen board member talks to fellow Citizen board member Angela Val, Visit Philly CEO, about making Philly the epicenter for resisting book bans through the use of "Little Freedom Libraries"

By Ali Velshi

Books: “Black History in the Philadelphia Landscape: Deep Roots, Continuing Legacy”

A veteran Philadelphia social studies teacher wrote a new book about Black Philadelphia history. Here, an excerpt from a chapter featuring Washington, aka Congo, Square

By Amy Jane Cohen

Listen: Ali Velshi on the Real Story Behind Claudine Gay’s Ouster from Harvard

The MSNBC anchor and Citizen Board member talks about the coordinated conservative campaign to remove one of academia's few Black leaders a for political gain

By Ali Velshi