Guest Commentary: What if Nikki Haley is Right?

The former Temple Law School Dean and longtime political advisor on what the Republican presidential candidate’s critique of Kamala Harris really means, and what Democrats can do about it

By Carl Singley

Guest Commentary: Incredibly Affirming and Wrenchingly Sad

A few White men at the March on Washington, from a leader of the B Corp movement

By Jay Coen Gilbert

Why We Should Legalize Marijuana in PA

A bipartisan bill in the state senate would legalize the sale and use of recreational marijuana. Here’s why PA should join NJ, DE, NY, and 20 other states that’ve done the same

By Jemille Q. Duncan

Character Lab: How to Look Beyond Race

In this installment of our partnership with Character Lab, co-founded by Grit author and MacArthur "Genius" Angela Duckworth, a psychology scholar implores us to treat everyone we meet with respect for the complex richness of their heritage.

By Adaurennaya C. Onyewuenyi

Guest Commentary: I-95 as a Model for Fixing Schools?

The powerful head of Philadelphia’s Building Trades on having the same sense of urgency when it comes to education as a collapsed road

By Ryan N. Boyer

College Diversity Without Affirmative Action

A long-time university president reflects on what it would take for selective colleges and universities to diversify their campuses. Spoiler alert: We already know how to do it.

By Elaine Maimon

Our Bulletproof History

The monument President Biden established this week for Emmett Till and his mother is a loud rejoinder to those who would erase Black history — and Black humanity

By James Peterson

When Affirmative Action Was a Philly Thing

Revisiting The Philadelphia Plan — the nation’s first federal affirmative action program and the brainchild of Republicans who argued that it was good for business

By Larry Platt