Listen/Watch: Leadership In A Time of Protest

On the latest episode of How To Really Run A City, former mayors Michael Nutter and Kasim Reed catch up with Richmond Mayor Levar Stoney. NEW this episode: Watch the conversation

By Larry Platt

A Concerned Citizen Responds on Campus Protests

Citizen Co-founder Larry Platt’s column last week on the Penn protests sparked a lot of reaction. Here, one reader’s email in response, and their subsequent civil back and forth

By A Concerned Citizen and Larry Platt

Guest Commentary: Michael Smerconish on His Commencement Cancellation

Protesters pressured Dickinson College to cancel the local Sirius and CNN talk show host’s commencement address to graduates. Here, he responds

By Michael Smerconish

Free Speech … or Pro-Terrorist?

Professors and local pols like progressive Councilmembers Gauthier, Brooks and O’Rourke say they want to support Penn students’ rights to peaceful protest. But does their support of Gaza encampments turn a moral blind eye?

By Larry Platt

Everyone Has Much to Learn about Israel and Gaza

During Passover week a longtime university president reflects on antisemitism and threats to free speech on campus

By Elaine Maimon

1933 Comes to Sansom Street

The protest in front of Michael Solomonov’s restaurant revealed more than know-nothingism

By Larry Platt

Bring Back Queer Radicalism

Rainbow capitalism and crosswalks are nice, but let’s not forget we need to demand our right to exist

By Josh Kruger

The Real Problem at Temple … Isn’t Just Temple’s

The issue, a long-time university president laments, is the exploitation of graduate students at colleges

By Elaine Maimon