Can Philadelphia Correct … our Corrections?

The City’s new approach to the drug trade in Kensington could send increasing numbers of people to city jails. How will that square with the prison department’s ongoing staffing crisis?

By Malcolm Burnley

Sentences for the Sentenced

West Philly non-profit Books Through Bars has provided the incarcerated with books for more than 30 years. Now, with growing inaccessibility, its work is needed more than ever

By Norah Rami

Why Is Tyree Wallace Still in Prison?

Despite high-profile efforts of advocates like sports reporter Michael Barkann, the Point Breeze native has spent 26 years imprisoned for a murder witnesses say he didn’t commit. That hasn’t stopped the citizen activist from serving others

By Christina Griffith

Treating Addiction Behind Bars

More than 60 percent of people incarcerated in the U.S. suffer from addiction. Philadelphia jails could offer a model for helping them get — and stay — sober

By Courtney DuChene

Listen: Ali Velshi on Cash Bail

In the U.S., defendants are presumed innocent until proven guilty. So, why are half a million Americans stuck in jail, awaiting their court date?

By Ali Velshi

A Local Experiment in Scandinavian Justice

An ongoing research study at the state prison in Chester is looking at how Scandinavian-style changes could make prison safer, more productive and more effective — for inmates, workers and the community.

By Christina Griffith

Watch: Fixing the Prison Industrial Complex

Author Piper Kerman and Reform Alliance CEO Robert Rooks on achieving what is achievable: safety and reform

Healing Past the Trauma

An intergenerational therapy program for formerly incarcerated men with violent pasts strives to help everyone thrive post-incarceration. Could it be a path to less gun violence?

By Jo Piazza