How to Contact Your Representatives

How to find your city, state and federal representatives, and tips on how to write them—because it's our responsibility to hold them accountable

The Fix: You Can’t Change a Culture of Corruption…

…when just about everyone in it is complicit. State Rep. Jared Solomon and Councilmember Maria Quiñones-Sánchez have spoken out. But, in the aftermath of the Dougherty conviction, where are the others?

By Larry Platt

Voters’ Guide: Pennsylvania General Election 2021

Voting by mail this fall, or heading to the polls on November 2? Our voters' guide lays out everything that will be on your ballot.

By The Philadelphia Citizen Staff

Should Mayor Kenney Resign?

A prominent pastor has called for Mayor Kenney to step down. Would that be a good thing?

By Larry Platt

Partners not Problems

When trash pickup was again delayed this week, it raised the question: Why doesn’t local government see its citizens as part of the solution? A former city official offers ideas for how the City can do better to meet our expectations

By Lauren Vidas

The $100 Million Gamble

Council is pushing the mayor to spend $100 million on gun violence prevention programs. Is that bold policy-making or the appearance of it?

By Larry Platt

Philly’s Next Big Challenge

City leaders became experts at handling decline in the last half of the last century. Now, a former city official wonders, can they rise to the occasion and capitalize on growth?

By Lauren Vidas

What Can Philly Learn from NYC’s Mayor’s Race?

Our mayoral elections have often tended (lightly anyway) to mirror what happened in New York, Philly 3.0’s engagement editor says. What does this month’s race in NYC mean for Philly?

By Jon Geeting