Who’s on Philadelphia City Council?

Meet all 17 members of the city's legislative body, representing Philly at-large and by district

By Katherine Rapin and The Philadelphia Citizen Staff

The Fix: How To Respond to Public Corruption Charges

In L.A., allegations against a councilmember were met by his colleagues … doing the right thing. What a novel concept.

By Larry Platt

The Citizen Recommends: PhillyBOLT Youth Voices Event

A student-led forum on Saturday calls on candidates to listen to youth voices

By Aly Kerrigan

Is Helen Gym a Hypocrite?

Or is she just wrong?

By Larry Platt

How to End Philadelphia’s Staffing Crisis

One in seven city jobs are vacant, creating a backlog in services to residents. It may be time to rethink who, and how, we hire

By Nick Russo

What’s Ahead for the 2023 Philadelphia General Election

The May Primary will answer some questions about who will lead the City for the next four years. Philly 3.0’s engagement editor previews what will still be up in the air come November

By Jon Geeting

Now, We’ve Got a Mayor’s Race, Philly

Jeff Brown takes some hits. Cherelle Parker talks in the third person. Helen Gym moderates her decibel level. And no one will address Commissioner Outlaw's fate … The Mayor’s race is underway. How can we make this about you?

By Larry Platt

Who’s Running for City Council in the Special Election of 2022?

These are the candidates running for City Council during the special election in Philadelphia this fall

By The Philadelphia Citizen Staff