Art for Change: A Grand and Gorgeous Abstraction

Odili Donald Odita draws on a unique combination of traditional African art, minimalism, and pop culture influences in his abstract paintings that respond to contemporary social issues. The latest in a series with Forman Arts Initiative

By RJ Rushmore

The New Urban Order: Reinventing Arts and Culture

The pandemic decimated in-person attendance for traditional cultural institutions nationwide. Can Philly’s arts establishment slow its downfall?

By Diana Lind

Michael Eric Dyson’s Black History Month All Stars

All-Star #18: Dox Thrash

By Michael Eric Dyson

Guest Commentary: Attention High School Students — Get Your Free Art Here

The executive director of Art-Reach touts STAMP, the under-used citywide program that gives all 62,000 Philadelphia high school students free admission to 20 of the city’s top museums and attractions

By John Orr

Where Are Our Radical Ideas?

The PMA’s newest exhibit is a reminder of the power of humans to transform the world around us. Can we harness that in our civic life, as well?

By Ajay Raju

Is the Best Human For the Best?

The winner of this year’s Raju Foundation essay contest, based on the Art Museum's new futurist exhibit, ponders the ethics of genetic engineering

By Mary Cipperman

Look Who’s Gone Radical

A groundbreaking Museum of Art exhibit takes art to the streets, combining it with advocacy. This isn’t your grandfather’s PMA

By Karen Chernick

Dear Friend

With the installation of a Gandhi-inspired work at the Art Museum, we are urged to make peace with our foes—politically and otherwise

By Roxanne Patel Shepelavy