Who Gets To Be In The History Game

Drexel is set to take over the orphaned Atwater Kent historical collection. But the Historical Society, and City Council, might have other ideas. What’s all the fighting really about?

By Larry Platt

The Story of the Storytellers

Juneteenth is a narrative of liberation and struggle that, until recently, was little-known. Who is telling the other unknown stories of Black life in Philly?

By James Peterson

Art For Change: Elder Scribe

Next up in our conversation series with Forman Arts Initiative, oral historian Julie Rainbow connects the Second Great Migration of African Americans from the South to Philly to our present search for community

By Blake Bradford

The Ultimate Black History Month Playbook

What to know, what to do, what impact you can have

By Roxanne Patel Shepelavy

Charles Barkley’s Philadelphia Black History Icons

A spotlight on 28 incredible African American heroes from Philadelphia to honor during Black History Month and beyond

MLK’s Philly

How the City of Brotherly Love helped shape the great Civil Rights leader we honor on January 17

By Roxanne Patel Shepelavy

The Untold Story of the MOVE Remains

A new report commissioned by Penn puts the horrifying spectacle in full context—and offers ideas on how to fix what’s broken

By Larry Platt

A House at the Heart of a Movement

Sojourner House, named after the human rights activist Sojourner Truth, has been a haven for women who have been abused for 33 years. The need—and what we know about it—has changed little since then.

By James Peterson