Growing the Pie, Not Cutting the Pieces

Drexel’s Metro Finance Lab Director Bruce Katz on growing inclusive wealth in city neighborhoods

By Roxanne Patel Shepelavy

A Quiet Revolution

Drexel’s Metro Finance Lab director says the U.S. could be on the brink of a radical shift in how underserved communities are revitalized—and he’s released a blueprint for how to get there

By Ross Baird and Bruce Katz

Where Innovation and Opportunity Meet

Drexel’s metro finance director on what we can learn from the Illinois Medical District

By Bruce Katz and Suzet McKinney

The New Street Fight

The Director of Drexel’s Metro Finance Lab on how Shift Capital might help make Kensington a model of the right type of private investment

By Bruce Katz

Too Big to Function?

Check cashers and dollar stores thrive in urban neighborhoods while local businesses struggle. The director of Drexel’s Metro Finance Lab points to a better way

By Bruce Katz

The Surprising Truth

18 months into the controversial Opportunity Zone tax incentive for distressed neighborhoods, some hopeful lessons...and some remaining questions

By Ross Baird and Bruce Katz

Countering the “Gotcha” Narrative

Ideologues have set their sights on Opportunity Zones. The Nowak Metro Finance Lab Director suggests cutting through the cynicism, and bringing to life the places that have been left behind

By Bruce Katz

The (Unanticipated) Effects of Opportunity Zones

The Nowak Metro Finance Lab Director on how the federal tax incentive might grow equitable wealth in cities beyond its intent

By Bruce Katz