Election Winners and Losers

Ryan Boyer, Bob Brady and the anti-Gym forces exulted. Progressives, David Oh and democracy? Not a great night. Here, a report card

By Larry Platt

The Stakes of the Election: The Leadership Question

This long campaign season ends tomorrow. Who is the leader we need for a better Philadelphia future?

By Sam Katz

Inside the Last Days of the Election

Some final thoughts on the mayor’s race as it comes to a close. Are we about to meet a new boss who is the same as the old boss?

By Larry Platt

Watch: Listening in on Mayoral Candidates

The Citizen’s co-founder got to know four of the leading candidates in in-depth recorded conversations. Learn more about who they are, and what they want to do, here

By Ajay Raju

Guest Commentary: How the Next Mayor Can Capitalize on Our City’s Best

The country’s poorest big city is nonetheless rich in other ways. Let’s find a mayor willing to combine Philadelphia’s successes with City services.

By Debra Weiner

It’s the Pragmatism, Stupid!

We asked 15 historians to rank Philly's leaders throughout time. As Election Day approaches, our mayoral candidates — and voters — could learn a lot from the results

By Larry Platt

Is the Land Bank Actually Working?

Philadelphia is finally using more of its own land to build affordable housing, even surpassing its own goals for the year. Philly 3.0’s engagement director on what needs to happen next

By Jon Geeting

Guest Commentary: Why Ed Rendell is For Rhynhart

The former mayor and governor's endorsement includes advice and a challenge on how to govern Philadelphia

By Edward G. Rendell