Be Wary of “Outsiders” in Government

We know what happens when inexperienced politicians like Larry Krasner and Vivek Ramaswamy are elected to top jobs. And it isn’t good for any of us

By Jemille Q. Duncan

K & A Makes a Presidential Race Appearance

This week, Republican Vivek Ramaswamy penned a New York Post op-ed on the dystopia in Kensington. It was full of laughable political pablum. But he was also kinda right

By Larry Platt

Will Philly’s Murder Rate Keep Going Down?

Like cities around the country, Philly has seen a drop in homicides this year — but more work is needed from the state and the city to keep reducing violent crime

By Mensah M. Dean

Guest Commentary: George Soros’ Bad Bet on Progressive Prosecutors

Larry Krasner was just one of many DAs funded by the famous investor and philanthropist — all of whom campaigned on less prosecution. A former Chester County DA asks: How’s that been working out?

By Thomas Hogan

The Fix: How To Respond to Public Corruption Charges

In L.A., allegations against a councilmember were met by his colleagues … doing the right thing. What a novel concept.

By Larry Platt

“Our Children’s Killers Are Still Out There”

The police, DA and Sheriff’s Office have kicked off a new partnership to track down known homicide suspects. Will it help assuage the frustration of victims’ families?

By Mensah M. Dean

Stop the Public Education Blame Game

A longtime university president responds to a recent Citizen column by urging us to work for constructive solutions that support public education for all students

By Elaine Maimon

Guest Commentary: Philly’s Crime Problem is Not Just Larry Krasner’s Fault

The co-founder and retired CEO of Boys’ Latin, now a senior fellow at a free-market public policy think tank, looks to teachers union President Jerry Jordan and decades of failing our students

By David P. Hardy