A World of Open Doors

Covid-19 and the George Floyd protests have revealed the failures of America both at home and to the rest of the world. The antidote is more openness, not less

By Ajay Raju

Reality Check: In Policing, Prevention is the Best Medicine

How about we keep murderous cops off the force to begin with? WURD’s midday host lays out a plan to do that

By Charles D. Ellison

Defund the FOP

Less police funding wouldn’t have spared George Floyd’s life or upended systemic racism. But real reform of police unions might

By Larry Platt

Ali Velshi, From The Frontlines

The MSNBC anchor and Citizen board member on covering the protests, getting shot by a so-called rubber bullet, and whether the First Amendment is in peril

By Larry Platt

The Citizen Recommends: Spirits Up! Yoga and Healing

In the wake of the protests, this six-day effort will provide free yoga and meditation around town for Black Philadelphians

By Jessica Blatt Press

Guest Commentary: Choose #BlackLife

A novelist and Penn professor joined the massive Philly march for black lives on Saturday—and found hope amidst the grief

By Lorene Cary

Guest Commentary: Now It’s Time to Rebuild

The president of a West Philly group representing 3,000 local businesses reflects on the devastation to his community—and the work needed to move forward

By Jabari Jones

Hooray! We’ve Disappeared The Frank Rizzo Statue…

… which helps precisely zero black lives today. Remember the civil rights-era admonition to keep our eyes on the prize?

By Larry Platt