Larry Krasner’s Inconvenient Truth

It’s nearly three years in. Is there any data to suggest the progressive experiment of D.A. Larry Krasner is or is not working?

By Larry Platt

Does Police Reform Include Better Policing?

A virtual panel discussion last week was full of talk of reform. But you wouldn’t have known we’re in the midst of a tragic murder epidemic

By Larry Platt

Reality Check: Even a pandemic can’t stop the murders

Philly’s homicide rate continues to rise, even during the quarantine. Where, WURD’s mid-day host wonders, is Danielle Outlaw in all this?

By Charles D. Ellison

Reality Check: We Shouldn’t Have To Pick Sides Over Gun Violence

People are being shot while the Mayor Jim Kenney and the D.A. Larry Krasner snipe at each other. Where, WURD’s midday host wonders, are the leaders we need?

By Charles D. Ellison

Reality Check: More Trees, Less Crime?

Studies show that cleaner and greener neighborhoods lead to lower violence. WURD’s afternoon host urges city leaders to act like it

By Charles D. Ellison

Reality Check: Philly Has a Violence Problem

And it’s time our leaders start acting like it

By Charles D. Ellison

Reality Check: Don’t ‘Philly Shrug’ This

Philly gun violence is rising at an alarming rate. Are you paying attention, Larry Krasner?

By Charles D. Ellison

Idea We Should Steal: Tracing Illegal Guns

Thousands of illegal guns from Pennsylvania are used in violent crimes every year. Why don’t we track them like they do in New York?

By Roxanne Patel Shepelavy