Listen: Gang Wars and Good Data

In the newest installment of How to Really Run a City, The Citizen’s acclaimed podcast, legendary Police Commissioner Charles H. Ramsey returns for a powerful conversation about public safety.

By Jessica Blatt Press

The PA Plan to Curb Porch Pirates

A new bill in the state legislature proposes tougher penalties for package theft — something any Philly resident with a stoop knows about all too well

By Paul Davis

Listen: Ali Velshi on Erasing the Tulsa Race Massacre

MSNBC anchor and Citizen Board member says more than a century later, our country is still suppressing the truth about the White riot that destroyed the thriving Black community of Greenwood

By Ali Velshi

A New Way To Police Philly?

Like cities around the world, Philly’s Police Assisted Diversion pilot has referred thousands of low-level offenders to social services instead of jail. The program is spreading to every district in the city this summer

By Christina Griffith

Guest Commentary: Cleaner Streets are Key to Philly’s Success

Local business leaders on what the City must do to bring more visitors — and their economic impact — to Philadelphia

By Zach Wilcha and Greg DeShields

Is Social Media Behind Philly’s Rise in Violent Crime?

Instagram feuds, Twitter taunts and online videos are taking the blame for several shootings over the last couple of years. The answer is old-fashioned communication

By Will Marani

Guest Commentary: The Next Mayor’s Crime Prevention Plan

Cities around the country are using cameras and data analysis to solve and prevent crimes. Is there a candidate, a local resident wonders, who will do the same in Philly?

By Daniel Chertok

Guest Commentary: How To End Our Culture of Gun Violence

A North Philly native who was shot, spent time in prison and worked in schools has seen a lot of violence. Here, he lays out his prescription for stopping it

By LuQman Abdullah