An Answer to Philly’s Budget Woes?

Mayor Kenney announced a $450 million budget shortfall. How much of that, Philly 3.0’s engagement director wonders, could the City make up by selling its vacant land?

By Jon Geeting

Future-Proofing Work: Kenney’s Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunity

A local futurist—and former City official—on how the mayor could make his next budget a legacy of vision, equity and modernization. Hint: Start at zero.

By Anne Gemmell

Guest Commentary: Fund Housing. Save Lives.

Mayor Kenney has proposed slashing the Housing Trust Fund. A longtime affordable housing advocate on why that could mean disaster—for all of us

By Nora Lichtash

Can We Talk This Over?

City Controller Rebecca Rhynhart released an alternative to Mayor Kenney’s revised tax-and-cut budget. Will City Council listen?

By Larry Platt

Guest Commentary: We Need The Arts, Now More Than Ever

Mayor Kenney has proposed cutting almost all the City’s arts funding. A local theater professional explains why that’s a bad idea, for all of us

By David Bradley

Who Wins and Who Loses?

Philly 3.0’s Engagement Director on who stands to gain—and who doesn’t—from Mayor Kenney’s post-Covid budget plan

By Jon Geeting

The Incredible Shrinking Mayor

Compared to other cities, does Jim Kenney’s budget redo qualify as a plan for recovery?

By Larry Platt

The Covid-19 Budget Tsunami

This week, Mayor Kenney, promising pain, will announce a revamped budget. Are you confident it will include a vision for smart recovery?

By Larry Platt