Building a Better Budget

Mayor Kenney has been an inveterate spender. So why doesn’t his newest budget proposal invest more in working class growth, like mayors are doing in cities from Newark to Dayton?

By Larry Platt

How Else To Spend $1.4 Billion

City Controller Rebecca Rhynhart offered an alternative spending plan for the city’s federal recovery funds with real, measurable goals. Philly 3.0’s engagement director lays out what that could mean for Philly

By Jon Geeting

What is Jim Kenney’s Goal For Tax Reform?

Is it more than “three cups of coffee” for every citizen? Philly 3.0’s engagement editor considers the consequences of being too cautious—or not—with business tax reform in Philly

By Jon Geeting

In Search of the Spirit of Reinvention

Philly is the nation’s first startup. So, in this budget season, why not put old talking points behind us…and pivot?

By Larry Platt

Mayor Kenney’s Optimistic New Budget Plan

The mayor's stimulus-boosted budget proposal last week takes us back to 2019—but, Philly 3.0’s engagement director notes, there are some signs for hope

By Jon Geeting

How Philly Should Use Biden’s Relief Funds

As Drexel’s Metro Finance head told City Council last week, City Hall must prioritize growth that benefits all. Here, four takeaways from the testimony

By Bruce Katz, Colin Higgins, Karyn Bruggerman and Victoria Orozco

Revisiting Regionalism

Yo, Mayor Kenney! This time of crisis is actually an opportunity to revisit an idea from the ‘90s: the city and surrounding counties joining forces to form an economic behemoth

By Larry Platt

How Fast Will Philly’s Budget Recover From Covid?

The federal recovery act and some projections indicate it could be faster than expected. But, Philly 3.0’s engagement editor notes, the news isn’t all good

By Jon Geeting